Ilderton Poultry Club

Ilderton Poultry Club -mostly Ilderton area for meetings

Learn about poultry breeds, eggs, health of poultry

Hatching of eggs – some members have incubators – meeting late March(possibly virtual) to determine who needs/wants eggs to hatch – what breeds (rarer birds- expensive choices will be a cost for that member) club will cover most of the egg/ or day old chicks cost.  Feed costs to raise the birds is up to members.

Feed Mill Tour – St. Marys or Denfield

Hands on of birds -later in club – avian flu status dependent.  spa day, show practice, achievement

18-20 members, unless more leaders available.

Meetings mostly weeknight evenings,

achievement -depends on ability to meet with the birds –  if able to meet will likely be a saturday or sunday, if not with birds will be a weeknight evening.

Poultry Project

Poultry is one of the most important industries in Canadian farming! From turkey burgers to chicken noodle soup, poultry (including eggs) is a staple in many kitchens.

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Middlesex 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Middlesex. 

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Ilderton area - united church, or member farms/homes, tour Denfield or St. Marys, possibly Strathroy
Youth Participant 9-21
Lissette Verbeem Tracy Dawson Charlotte Lackey
Spots Available