KLH Dairy Club

In this club members will learn various skills such as animal health and care, showmanship, judging and giving reasons, show prep, as well as other topics that pertain to the dairy industry. Members will need a calf to work with throughout the project, but arrangements can be made to borrow a calf if members do not have their own. In order to successfully complete the club, members will need to attend all meetings (may miss one or two) and show at the achievement day. Our Achievement Day is held on the last Saturday in Aug at the Lindsay fair grounds.

Dairy Project

Dairy: it’s more than milk! This project will teach you the ins and outs of a successful dairy operation, covering the basics like animal care, plus the latest dairy farming tools and practices.

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Kawartha Lakes Haliburton 4-H Association

KLH (Kawartha Lakes Haliburton) offers a variety of projects and most years, we have projects being offered throughout the year.  Although our livestock projects are offered from usually April – Sept, we have life skills projects that are also offered during the winter months.

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Lindsay and surrounding area
Youth Participant 9-21
Melinda Buckley and Brianna Troup
Spots Available