Lanark County Small Animal Club

This club is for everyone that has, wants or will be raising small animals, pets etc. We welcome anything from Lizards to Dogs, Chicks, cats or Rodents. Kids learn about feeding, Health, Activities, and end hte year with a show and tell with a Seniors home in Carleton Place.


Meeting information:

Small Animal Club 2023 Dates
June 22, July 13, Aug, 3, Aug. 17, Sept. 14,

Animal Friends Project

Which pet is best for you? There’s lots to consider when choosing what animal to bring into your life and this project will help you decide, plus teach you how to care for it!

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Lanark 4-H Association

Lanark County has a variety of clubs ranging from Dairy, Beef and Sheep, to Cooking, baking and knitting. There is normally always a club for everyone. We run early Spring into Winter, we have an awards night each fall. and Most achievements happen at Local fairs throughout the fall.

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Start Date
June 22, 2023
End Date
September 30, 2023
Meeting Time
Meeting Frequency


Carleton Place, ON
Youth Participant 9-21
Melissa and Tara
Spots Available