Lobo Lifeskills -Plowing Club 2023

Meeting outside in available fields to learn about plowing, plow parts, completing and judging of plowing techniques by members, judging of footwear; using equipment under supervision of Tri County Heritage Members, Plowmans Association.  Dates and locations to be determined based on wheat fields being available, weather, equipment and Tri County member availability.  Couple 6 hour meetings, with members taking turns on the equipment to learn the techniques for competitive plowing.  Possibility of demonstrating plowing at Fanshawe Pioneer Village, and to coaching day with Middlesex Plowman with end goal of being able to plow at Middlesex Plowing Match Labour Day Monday near Parkhill.  Guest speakers are also a possibility.  Completion of a competition plot either through practice days, coaching days, plowing match is bonus.

Plowing Project

Holy plow! You may think plowing is serious business – and rightly so – but it can also be fun, challenging and satisfying.

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Middlesex 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Middlesex. 

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Region 6
Around Bryanston, Poplar Hill and Parkhill
Youth Participant 9-21
Lissette Verbeem Pam Bosley
Spots Available