Mimosa Blacklight Theatre Club

Mimosa 4-H Blacklight Theater Performance Club is back!!!

This club is open to all 4-H members who want to participate in a performance of Black light imagery! Members must have a completely black outfit…long sleeved turtle neck and black pants and socks…Absolutely no contrast logos or stitching. If you have a mesh hood from a previous club, please bring it with you. New members will receive a black mesh hood for performances. There is no memorization of lines and all performance is done ingognito!

For more information contact jswitzer@sentex.net or 519-855-4201

Meeting and Rehearsal dates: All meetings and rehearsals will be held at Mimosa United Church #5980 Wellington Road # 22 Belwood. Members MUST BE Available to attend our final rehearsals and performance dates!

Thursday April 20 – All members

Thursday May 25 – All members

Thursday June15- All members

Thursday September 21 – Cast A & B

Thursday September 28- Cast B

Thursday October 12 – Cast A

Thursday October 26- Cast B

Thursday November 9- Cast A

Thursday November23- Cast B [may be changed]

Thursday December 7   – All cast members A &B

December 8 at Century Church Theater 7:00 p.m. …Full Cast Rehearsal

Performances December 9 &10  Century Church Theater

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Mimosa United Church #5980 Wellington Road # 22 Belwood.
Cloverbuds 6-8
June Switzer, Theresa Knierim, Carol Pollock, Jennifer Pollock
Spots Available