Oxford 4-H Quilting Club

Quilting Club – Blocks Be Magic!
First there were strips, then very hip squares. Last year, we focused on the actual quilting. And now…. Let there be MAGIC!
Members will learn the tricks to making exciting blocks and end up with a small lap quilt. We plan to have a week long “camp”, every afternoon July 17-21 (in Tavistock), starting with a trip to a local quilt shop. What makes quilting fabrics so special? How to combine colours? What is batting and why are there so many types? Just how creative can quilting be?
To register or for more information, email oxfordquilting.4hclub@gmail.com

Quilting Project

Experts say the art of quilting is over 5,000 years old. This time-honoured tradition still flourishes today and is one of the best ways to show skill, creativity and planning all at once.

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Youth Participant 9-21
Linda Humphrey, Elizabeth Bruce
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