West Luther Dairy Club

We focus on learning about various aspects and topics related to dairy cattle. We also focus a couple meetings on showing and clipping cattle. Meetings are typically held at various dairy farms or other dairy related companies. Achievement day for this club is typically at the Arthur Fall Fair.

Dairy Project

Dairy: it’s more than milk! This project will teach you the ins and outs of a successful dairy operation, covering the basics like animal care, plus the latest dairy farming tools and practices.

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Wellington 4-H Association

4-H is a non-profit positive youth development organization that spans 70 countries across the world and 10 provinces across the country. Wellington 4-H offers a diverse range of clubs each year to help build youth as leaders for our community and assets to the world. Come see what 4-H is all about in Wellington County!

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Region 4
Centre to North Wellington County
Youth Participant 9-21
Ryan Harrop, Krista Bates, Shannon Cartwright
Spots Available