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June 2012

June 2012 E-Newsletter

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"Learn To Do By Doing"

This month's E-Newsletter is packed with important 4-H information and numerous "Learn To Do By Doing" opportunities. From camps to conferences and third party tradeshows, there is something for every 4-H'r to participate in. There is also some important 4-H updates including an "Embrace The Future" update and a notice of construction for the 4-H Ontario office. Of course, there are also some great 4-H stories, and something everyone has been waiting for . . . the 2012 Dream Dinner Lottery winner announcement!

A 4-H Story of Life-Long Friendship

As Lynda Shaw so perfectly put it, her and Eleanor Lennox’s story is “really a story of life long friendship.” Lynda and Eleanor met through 4-H more than 55 years ago and their chance encounter blossomed in to a beautiful friendship that has been a cornerstone in their lives. Read their story on 4-H Folklore >

Career Sen$e

4-H’r Derek VanDeWalle was kind enough to share his experience at the 2011 Career Sen$e conference on the 4-H Ontario blog, 4-H Folklore. Career Sen$e is a great opportunity for all youth ages 14 - 18 to gain valuable skills to help them secure their dream job.  You can read Derek's story here >
Interested in attending Career Sen$e? Lucky you, there's one week left to register!  Act quickly to secure your spot here >

Meet Marianne Fallis
Marianne Fallis is the Senior Manager, Programming. Marianne plays a huge role in making all of 4-H Ontario's camps and conferences possible. Her bubbly spirit and jovial attitude, coupled with hard work and dedication makes Marianne the perfect person for this role at 4-H. Meet Marianne >
Equine Canada
4-H Ontario is excited to announce that a new resource is now available to 4-H Horse Club Volunteers.  Thanks to the Canadian 4-H Council’s National Resource Network, 4-H Clubs across Canada can now use Equine Canada’s Dressage Tests for the 2012 show season. If you would like to use any of these resources you can download them from the 4-H Ontario website by logging in and going here >
Youth Adventure Camp
Do you want to build leadership, communication, team work and goal setting skills in probably the most fun way possible? If this sounds like you then registering for Youth Adventure Camp is a must! More info and registration details available here >. The registration deadline is July 2nd, and there are only 80 spots, so be sure to act quickly.
Crop Sen$e
Registration for Crop Sen$e is now open. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn about successful management practises from industry experts. “Being able to see the producers and how they apply business management knowledge back to the farm takes the conference to a whole new level.” – Ashley Knapton, 2011 Crop Sen$e delegate. Register here >
Database Release
The process of integrating the new database, called the Membership Web Application (MWA), is almost complete. The MWA is used to track 4-H participant info.  View the full timeline here > so you know what to expect.
Embrace the Future
The results are in. 717 surveys were completed regarding the 4-H Canada Embrace the Future update. Results can be found here > Your views were shared in letters from the Ontario 4-H Council and Ontario 4-H Foundation delivered to the Canadian 4-H Council Board of Directors. More details on the Canadian 4-H Council AGM here >
4-H in Canada is about to turn 100! Darrell Bergsma, a Huron 4-H Volunteer, has been selected to work with the national 4-H committee in preparation for 2013, and he wants to hear your ideas > 
National 4-H Members' Conference
Honourable Ted McMeekin, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs gave a wonderfully supportive speech of the 4-H program at the Golf-West Tournament. Read an excerpt from his speech here >
Canada's Fruit & Veg Tech X-change
Partner Message - 4-H Members, Volunteers and Alumni are invited to Canada's Fruit & Veg Tech X-Change on July 12 - 14. A special offer is available to 4-H'rs here >. There will be a live equipment auction, the global launch of the Robot Farmer, a meet and greet with Canadian celebrity, David Chilton, and much more including a free brunch > on July 12 at 10 a.m.
Construction Update
The location of the 4-H Ontario office is currently under construction. 4-H Ontario does not anticipate any service interruptions, but, there are a couple important updates regarding the construction here >
Dream Dinner Lottery Winning Announcement
4-H Ontario is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Ontario 4-H Council Dream Dinner Lottery (LOTTERY LICENSE #M644571 LICENSEE: ONTARIO 4-H COUNCIL).  The Grand Prize winner is Mel and Shirley Chamberlain (ticket # 297) of Markdale, ON. The Second Prize winner is Vic Biliski (ticket #208) of Beaverton, ON. The Third Prize winner is Ontario Mutuals (ticket #358) of Cambridge, ON. The draws were held on June 14, 2012. Congratulations and enjoy your dream dinners! More details here >
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