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November 2012

November 2012 E-Newsletter

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4-H Pride

This month is National 4-H Month and there's quite a few stories and updates that will have you brimming with 4-H pride. Ben's shares his 4-H story which involves saving the life of his bunny...twice! There is also the story behind Executive Director Wraychel Horne's green hair and many important updates and deadlines including the Volunteer Conference & Annual Meeting registration information, Dream Dinner Lottery announcement, Provincial Leadership Camp registration, and much more. Read on for your 4-H updates.

National 4-H Month

4-H Ontario Executive Director, Wraychel Horne, has recently been sporting some bright green highlights for National 4-H Month. Curious as to how this came about? The answer awaits you here >

Provincial Leadership Camp
Provincial Leadership Camp (PLC) will be running on March 9–14, 2013. This is a truly unique and unforgettable experience for senior 4-H Members. The "Learn To Do By Doing" environment creates an atmosphere where everyone can thrive and develop lifelong skills and friendships. More info >
Dream Dinner Lottery
Tickets for the 2013 Dream Dinner Lottery are now on sale. The grand prize for this lottery is “Dinner for two anywhere in the world”. Past winners of have had their dream dinner in the Yukon and Turks and Caicos. Tickets are available for purchase here >
Meet Marshal
Marshal McLernon is the Senior Manager, Communications. His experiences span graphic design, writing, editing, advertising, branding, Internet/Intranet management, marketing, strategic communications and leadership. Marshal is a great addition to the 4-H Ontario team. Meet Marshal >
CAM 2013
The 2013 Volunteer Conference and Annual Meeting (CAM) agenda and registration are now available online. 4-H Ontario Volunteers, don't miss this fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and network with fellow Volunteers from across the province. Register here >
November 22 is the deadline for submitting resolutions to be addressed in the Annual General Meeting at the 2013 Volunteer Conference & Annual Meeting. To submit a resolution, please refer to policy 6.27, which can be found here >
Ben's 4-H Story
For 4-H Member, Ben Smith, the 4-H experience that resonated with him was the ability to implement skills he learned from seven years of rabbit Clubs to save the life of his rabbit…twice. Read Ben’s story on 4-H Folklore >
Finance Update
Now that the third quarter has come to a close, there are some exciting financials to report on. Revenues are at 82% of budget, expenses are at 70% of budget, and office operation expenses are at 44% of budget. Thanks to staff for making smart office supply purchases, and for following policies to rent economy vehicles rather than collecting personal mileage.
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