4-H End of Summer Scavenger Hunt – CLOSED

Here comes some more summer fun!

The summer may be almost over but that doesn’t mean 4-H doesn’t have some more fun-filled activities! 4-H Ontario will be running a virtual Scavenger Hunt for everyone across Ontario to celebrate the summer. Simply fill out the form below to receive your Scavenger Hunt sheet. On the sheet, you will find squares with the items/tasks you have to do/find. Each square is worth a certain amount of points and will be listed below its item/task. The more points you earn, the more of a chance to win a 4-H prize!


? The Scavenger Hunt will run from August 18th to September 21st 11:59PM
? Open for all ages!
? Open for everyone! (4-H participants and non-participants)
?Email your pictures labeled with which square you are completing to Autumn – digitalprogram@4-hontario.ca
? Have Fun!