4-H Essentials Digital Program

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Welcome to the information for the 4-H Essentials Digital Program! We are excited you are here to be part of this experience!

Looking for some fun, educational digital activities? Try our NEW 4-H Essentials Digital Program, where you will be able to access 30 different activity topics for you to choose from! These activities are based on 4-H Ontario Project Resources and will give you the opportunity to learn about a lot of different topics 4-H has to offer.

The 4-H Essentials Digital Program will be hosted using Google Classrooms which will provide an easy and interactive experience for all-ages. There will be 2 Google Classrooms to choose from: 4-H Essentials Digital Program Age 6-8 and 4-H Essentials Digital Program Age 9-21. Bonus, if you complete 10 activity options/topics, you will receive a certificate of completion! 

In order to access the 4-H Essentials Digital Program, you will need an email address that is either a Gmail account or an email address tied to a Google Account. If you have questions about this or the Google Classroom, please reach out to Autumn at digitalprogram@4-Hontario.ca. Please note, school email addresses may pose a challenge in connecting to this 4-H virtual experience due to their security settings.

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Our Thanks:

4-H Ontario thanks the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their support of this virtual experience.

4-H Ontario is thankful for outstanding educational partners whose digital content can be found as part of the 2021 Online Explore 4-H Project. This includes 4-H organizations across Canada and the U.S.A., AgScape, Beef Farmers of Ontario & Ontario Beef, Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s Six by Sixteen, Farm & Food Care Ontario, and Ontario Pork.