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This information is gathered for communication with health care providers in the event of an emergency. Please include any information that 4-H activity organizers may require to ensure the participant’s safety.



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Step 8 of 11: Media Releases*

While participating in 4-H activities, photos and videos of participants will be taken. These photos are typically used to record memories and promote 4-H. Please indicate below your consent to the use and reproduction by 4-H Ontario (representing the Ontario 4-H Council, 4-H Ontario Associations and Ontario 4-H Foundation) of any and all photographs, video recordings and audio recordings taken of myself or my child for use on 4-H websites, in print and other media for the purposes of promotion, illustration, advertising or publication and without compensation. All such photographs, video recordings and audio recordings and all recorded media, prints and created media from the content shall constitute the property of 4-H. In addition, the undersigned hereby consents to authorize the publication of the name of the participant. Important Reminder: Photos, images and media may appear in electronic form on the Internet or in other publications outside of 4-H Ontario’s control.

Step 9 of 11: Parent/Guardian Consent

For participants under 18: In permitting my child to participate in 4-H activities, I, the undersigned permit my child to participate in the full range of activities. I authorize that if I, the undersigned is incapable or cannot be reached within a reasonable period of time during a medical emergency, as determined by 4-H, 4-H is granted permission to designate the emergency personnel to the 4-H Volunteer, in the event of an accident or illness affecting the child to authorize on my behalf all procedures (including admission to the hospital) and necessary treatment herein as he/she may deem essential for the care and well-being of the child. Such action is to be only when immediate contact with the parent/guardian cannot be made.

I have read and understood the above policies and have taken care to notify 4-H of any special needs/considerations for my child as previously outlined above.

I understand that participating in 4-H Ontario is voluntary and involves a certain degree of risk concerning some 4-H activities. After considering the risks involved, and having full confidence that reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of my child, I grant permission for my child to become a Member of 4-H Ontario and participate fully in its activities.

For participants 18 years of age or older, as well as parents/guardians: I, the undersigned hereby:

  1. Consents to the collection of the personal information set out above, including the personal health information, (collectively the ""personal information"") for the purposes specified;
  2. Represents to 4-H Ontario, the Ontario 4-H Council and Ontario 4-H Foundation (together ""4-H"") that the personal information is true, complete, accurate and correct;
  3. Releases and indemnifies 4-H from any claims arising as a result of any untruth, incompleteness, inaccuracy or incorrectness of the personal information;
  4. Represents that the participant is in good health and is able to participate in all activities of 4-H except as noted in the personal information; and
  5. Agrees to notify 4-H if the participant is exposed to an infectious disease at any time during the three weeks prior to the commencement of the activity in which the participant will participate;

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Do you come from a dairy farming family?*

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Would you be interested in taking part in the Ontario Joint Dairy Breeds Recognition Award, which would include a one week placement on a US dairy farm?

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Step 11 of 11: Code of Conduct

4-H Ontario is dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact on Members, Volunteers and communities in Ontario. In order to achieve this mission, the 4-H Ontario Code of Conduct applies to all participants of the 4-H program in Ontario (all Staff, Volunteers and Members). It addresses the general rules of conduct necessary to maintain the standards of the 4-H program. To truly be an organization of leaders building leaders, each individual is expected to follow the code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the 4-H Ontario Club/activity/program. In case of dismissal, no portion of fees whatsoever will be refundable. Interpretation of this code is at the discretion of 4-H Ontario and/or those 4-H Volunteers and/or staff responsible for the activity, in consultation with others as appropriate.

  1. 4-H participants will respect, adhere to and enforce rules, policies and guidelines established by the national, provincial, regional and local 4-H governing Associations and Councils.
  2. 4-H Members, Volunteers, guests and stakeholders shall be treated using appropriate and courteous manners as the participant himself or herself would like to be treated while ensuring respect for people and property.
  3. A positive 4-H image is expected at all times. 4-H participants will conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner, exhibit good sportsmanship, and act as a positive role model for those around them. Behaviour must be conducive to a friendly, safe and fun learning environment.
  4. Emotional, physical, verbal, mental or sexual abuse of any individual participating/attending a 4-H event/activity will not be tolerated, nor is the use of profanity, crude remarks or actions.
  5. Maintaining the privacy of 4-H participants is important. Respect will be given to the confidential nature of information received regarding fellow 4-H participants and 4-H program affairs.
  6. Any acts of discrimination and/or harassment on the basis of rac¬e, nationality or ethnic origin, colour, age, religion, family status, sexuality or disability is unacceptable.
  7. Possession and/or use of alcohol, illegal drugs or illegal inhalants is forbidden by participants (regardless of age of majority) at activities held for attendance by 4-H Members. Any disregard for this policy will result in disciplinary action.
  8. 4-H participants will regard it as their personal duty to know their 4-H responsibilities thoroughly and are expected to be responsible to their peers.
  9. 4-H participants will ensure that outside interests do not jeopardize their judgment and competence as contributing 4-H participants. 4-H participants will strive to the best of their abilities to promote the motto “Learn To Do B¬¬y Doing” and the philosophies of the 4-H program while participating in a 4-H activity.
  10. Local 4-H Associations and/ or programs may have additional guidelines and/or policies that need to be adhered to. It is the responsibility of the 4-H participant to ensure that he/she is aware of and understands these additional rules and responsibilities.