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Youth Opportunities

Club Projects

Two Boys making chocolateThere are tons of projects you can take as a member. Learn how to look after animals, bake delicious goodies, survive outdoors, grow a giant pumpkin or make a snowmobile engine! Read through them all, decide which you like, and find out which is running in your area!

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Camps and Conferences

Youth together in tire swing Whether you want to meet new people, explore the outdoors, camp-out, or learn a new skill - chances are we've got a camp or conference that will interest you. All you have to decide is how long you want to stay, as we have camps that last 1 day to a whole week! Whatever you cup of tea may be, chance are we have something that will excite you.

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4-H Youth Positions

Girl Giving Speech

There are many ways for members to be involved in 4-H beyond their clubs.  4-H encourages you to take on leadership roles whenever you can, but here are some officially ways to represent 4-H and your fellow members provincially and nationally. 

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Go For The Gold Winners with Plaque

Got a nack for competition, or maybe you just like meeting new poeple?  Are you are a scrapbooker, triva guru, writer or judge? Either way, 4-H has got it covered.

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Girls participating in LABO ExchangeWanna go places? 4-H can give you the opportunity to travel across Canada and even the world! Even if you want to stay closer to home, host someone from Japan or England instead.

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Scholarships and Grants

Grirl Shaking Hands with Rotary Member

Often money sure can help if you want to do things or go places. Here's a listing of grant and scholarship opportunities we've gathered for you. No need to check 50 different websites, we've got a great list right here in one spot!

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