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The 4-H Ontario Policy Manual is a resource, which includes all 4-H Ontario policies, procedures, forms and factsheets. All 4-H Ontario stakeholders (Volunteers, Members, staff, parents etc.) are to use this document as reference and for support. Staff members, Council and Foundation are responsible for reviewing the documents, and making any needed changes or additions.

Policies are updated throughout the year and housed virtually here in PDF format. When updated, the files are watermarked with the date, and the file names listed below also include the date when the file was last updated. Each month a notice is distributed detailing the documents that have been changed and/or reviewed. A cumulative list of all changes during the calendar year is also housed here. Please download and update your files.


NOTE: You must download the files to your computer in order to fill and save forms. Right-click on the link, and choose the option to save file to your computer. When you close your browser and open the file from your computer, you will have the option to save your work.

Welcome to 4-H!

Welcome Package 4-H Youth

Welcome Package 4-H Family

Media Consent * Please note this form is only for reference and does not need to be completed. 

Consent to Participate

I have taken care to notify 4-H of any special needs/considerations for my child as previously outlined above. I understand that participating in 4-H is voluntary and involves a certain degree of risk concerning some 4-H activities. After considering the risks involved, and having full confidence that reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of my child, I grant permission for my child to participate in 4-H activities. 

Code of Conduct

Inclusion Statement

* 4-H Ontario Participant Agreement (#6.08)

To complete the Participant Agreement Form online: 

  1. Open the link to the fillable form
  2. Download the document to your computer before entering anything
  3. Close the file/browser
  4. Go to the folder on computer where you saved Participant Agreement Form
  5. Open the file 
  6. Fill in information
  7. Once completed, save the file with a new file name (Ex. Participant Agreement Form 2020_John Smith) 

A printable version of the Participant Agreement Form is available here>

Printable Code of Conduct PDF (Updated Dec. 2017) 

4-H Ontario Policy Manual 2020

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6.0 Forms

4-H Ontario Livestock Related Items

Inclusion Statement