The 4-H Ontario Ambassador program provides youth with advanced level training in leadership, citizenship, communications and public relations. Ambassadors put their energy and 4-H experiences to work recruiting new members and sharing the 4-H story. Throughout 2016, each of 4-H Ontario’s six Ambassadors will submit blog entries about their experiences in the program. The 4-H Ontario Ambassador program is proudly sponsored by GROWMARK, Inc. and UPI Energy LP. For more info on the Ambassador program click here. To book an Ambassador for you event please complete the request form. Submitted by Laura DeKlein, 4-H Ontario Youth Ambassador from Middlesex 4-H Association

A Friendly 2016 Ambassador Hello 4-H is not only for me, but also for everyone! I am very excited to be chosen to participate in the Ambassador Program along side five other enthusiastic members. This program will give me the opportunity to connect with 4-H members, volunteers and communities. The four H’s – Head, Heart, Hands and Health are in fact some of the tools and attributes I will use on this journey. Within the next year, here are five top opportunities and things I look forward to attending, and recommend YOU to attend as well:  

  1. Discovery Days– This may be a bit of a ‘throwback’, but back in the old days this was the day I looked forward to most in the summer! It is a great way to connect with youth within the community, learn new games/skills and mostly let loose and have fun! Every year a new theme is chosen, so it is never same old, same old. Be sure to check out your region’s date and register, you don’t want to miss out!
  2. YAC (Youth Adventure Camp) – A fun and collaborative opportunity, and a step up from Discovery Days! This is an overnight camp that involves lots of games, goal setting and leadership skills.
  3. PLC (Provincial Leadership Camp) – Hands down my favourite camp ever. This was the most life changing experience of my life in which I credit my leadership and communication skills to. I look forward to the delegates chosen to attend and I hope they take the risks I did and step out of their comfort zone!
  4. Sponsor Tours and Events – This Ambassador Program would not be possible without our generous sponsors; Growmark Inc., and UPI Energy LP. I look forward to attending the tours of their facilities and meeting those involved with the companies. This is a very exciting opportunity and all six of us are very thankful for their encouragement.
  5. 4-H Ontario Booths at Agricultural Events – The Outdoor Farm Show and Royal Agricultural Winter Fair are only two of many opportunities I look forward to helping and speak at on behalf of 4-H Ontario. I am vary involved within the agricultural sector, and hope to network, communicate and advocate the program to youth and volunteers within this ‘field’.

These are only five of many events and opportunities 4-H Ontario has to offer! Please take advantage of these opportunities that help you in various ways for lifelong lessons such as future employment skills, school presentation delivery and more. I look forward to this upcoming year with everyone and stay tuned for more exciting blogs each month!