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There are many ways to support 4-H Ontario.

Building Future Leaders: 4-H Ontario Giving Guide

Why Donate to 4-H Ontario?

  • You’re investing in youth
  • You’re investing in the grassroots
  • You’re investing in opportunity

Did you know that 4-H Ontario is a registered not-for-profit organization? When you donate to 4-H Ontario, you are not only making a contribution to one of the longest-standing positive youth development organizations in the world, you are supporting a registered charity with comprehensive programming that gives kids an opportunity to become the engaged, resilient, leaders of tomorrow.

You’re investing in the future.

Most importantly, you are helping build the skills that youth need to be successful. 4-H youth are more likely to attend post-secondary education, more likely to be engaged in their community, and more likely to have a greater sense of confidence navigating the search for a career.

Charitable Registration Numbers:

Council – 13588 7727 RR0001
Foundation – 88888 0226 RR0001

Including a charitable bequest in your will is a simple way to make a lasting gift that will impact 4-H Ontario into the future. There are also tax advantages to making a bequest or planned gift that may benefit your estate. Consider either the Ontario 4-H Council, or the Ontario 4-H Foundation in your estate planning.

To include bequests of the residue of your estate:
I give to the Ontario 4-H Foundation or the Ontario 4-H Council all (or %) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate for the purpose of supporting its highest priority needs/specific purpose.

To include bequests of a specific sum of money:
I give to the Ontario 4-H Foundation or the Ontario 4-H Council the sum of $ (amount) for its highest priority needs/specific purpose.

Charitable Registration Numbers

Ontario 4-H Foundation: 888880226 RR0001
Ontario 4-H Council: 135887727 RR0001

Canada Revenue Agency offers a helpful online charitable donation tax calculator.

Contact us for more information.

Philanthropy & Corporate Giving

Tribute gifts are donations made in honour or in memory of a person or occasion.

In Honour Tribute Gift

Make a donation in honour of a special someone or occasion and we’ll send an acknowledgement letter to them to recognize your kind gift. You’ll receive a thank-you letter and a tax receipt in the mail for your contribution.

In Memory Tribute Gift

Recognize someone who has passed away with a memorial donation and we will send a letter of condolence to share your sympathies. You’ll receive a thank-you letter and tax receipt in the mail for your contribution.

Give a tribute gift

Monthly giving is an affordable and flexible way to provide and effective and steady source of support to 4-H Ontario.

As a monthly donor you:

  • Can change or cancel your commitment at any time
  • Help to lower administrative costs with automated payments via credit card
  • Can feel good knowing that you are supporting opportunities for youth across the province.

Become a monthly donor today!

If you are interested in hosting or planning an event or activity to raise funds in support of 4-H Ontario please contact our Philanthropy and Corporate Giving Team.