Volunteer Awards

Group of award winners standing on stage in front of 4-H sign

Our dedicated volunteers are the foundation of the 4-H program, and recognizing our volunteers through awards for their contributions and commitment to 4-H Ontario is our way of saying thank you for the hard work and commitment to 4-H youth and the 4-H program in Ontario.

There are 4 different levels of awards recognition for 4-H Ontario Volunteers:

Bayer logoThe 4-H Ontario Volunteer Milestone Awards, sponsored by Bayer Canada – Crop Science Division celebrates 4-H Ontario volunteers’ years of service. Each new 4-H Ontario volunteer receives a Certificate of Appreciation and pin for their first year of volunteering.

4-H Volunteers are recognized at local awards and recognition events for milestone achievements starting after the first year of volunteering and continuing every five years.

Gay Lea Foods Co-operative logoThe Outstanding New Club Leader Award, sponsored by Gay Lea Foods Cooperative Ltd recognizes volunteers who have been club leaders with 4-H Ontario for less than three years and are making a substantial impact for 4-H youth in their clubs and community.

Nominations for this award are accepted from across the province, but only one nomination will be accepted per association, with one award given out per region.

*NEW* For 2021, we will open nominations to include new 4-H volunteers who are finding ways of supporting youth and fellow 4-H volunteers during the pandemic however are not actually leading clubs. Examples might be being the ‘zoom’ account host for an Association and providing support to fellow 4-H volunteers who are leading clubs, using personal networks to arrange for speakers at club meetings, being ‘volunteers at large’ in provincial wide clubs which are becoming popular and are requiring additional volunteers to support the club membership and comply with youth safety policies.

2021 Nomination Form NOW AVAILABLE:

Download 2021 Nomination Form 

*EXTENDED* Nomination Deadline: June 30th, 2021

Bayer logo4-H Ontario is proud to present the 4-H Ontario Arbor Awards, sponsored by Bayer Crop Science. This distinguished volunteer award is given out each year. Volunteers are nominated by their local Associations and recipients are chosen by a selection committee.

This award is open to all 4-H volunteers who have positively impacted 4-H in Ontario and have served the organization for over 10 years (this includes both club leaders and non-traditional volunteers). Nominees must have shown significant leadership, initiative and made a positive impact on 4-H at various levels (club, local, regional, provincial and/or national). Nominees’ involvement in other community activities and organizations is also strongly considered.

Nomination Deadline: November 30, 2021

Find more information about the 2021 Arbor Award Nomination Form

This award is offered through the Canadian 4-H Council. Sponsored by the Co-operators the 4-H National Volunteer Leader of the Year Award, the National Volunteer Leader of the Year Award recognizes the volunteer leaders who are the biggest champions of the 4-H program! With their support and guidance, 4-H members receive outstanding experiences and skills that help them continue to be responsible, caring and contributing youth who are positively impacting the world around them.is presented annually. Nominations are submitted by 4-H youth and a volunteer leader is selected from each province and a grand prize winner is selected from that group.

One leader from each province will be selected as the Provincial Volunteer Leader of the Year and will receive a $100 cash prize, as well as $100 towards a celebratory party for their club. The provincial winner could also be chosen as the National Volunteer Leader of the Year! The winning national volunteer will receive a prize package including a $1,000 cash prize and registration for the 2021 Leadership Summit.

Nominations are being accepted until December 30 2020.

For more information on nomination process and the awards, please contact the Canadian 4-H Council at 613.234.4448 or visit www.4-h-canada.ca.