Youth Positions

If you’re looking for an opportunity to build your leadership skills and have a positive influence on other youth as well as your community, look no further than our 4-H Youth Positions!

Become a Member
Group of 4-H Ambassadors

For current 4-H Members ages 18-21

This exciting senior youth position brings the views of 4-H Ontario youth to the Canadian 4-H Council Youth Advisory Committee (YAC).

This position is filled for 2020. Information on availability for 2021 will be posted on this page in the Fall of 2020.

The YAC consists of four groups, each with a different purpose and role. YAC members get to take part in the planning and execution of various programs and initiatives while gaining valuable experience within 4-H Canada operations.

Meetings are held via teleconference with one in-person meeting at the 4-H Canada Leadership Summit in February. Other travel may be required.

To apply, you must be an active 4-H Member in good standing between the ages of 18-21 at the time of application. The length of term (appointment) is two years.

“I’ve had an amazing experience working with people from across Canada celebrating 4-H Canada’s 100th Anniversary while being the YAC Ontario Representative. This position has taught me strong leadership and networking skills. Being the youth voice at the national level – from small-town Ontario – is a very rewarding experience.”

– Valerie Stone, YAC Rep 2012-2014

Roles and Responsibilities – 4-H Ontario

  • Understand what the 4-H Ontario program does in practice
  • Understand what the current 4-H delivery model involves and how it’s implemented in local 4-H Ontario Associations
  • Provide loyal support of the 4-H program and adhere to all bylaws, policies and procedures
  • Bring the views and issues of 4-H Ontario youth to 4-H Canada YAC discussions
  • Liaise with the Ontario 4-H Council Director – Youth to develop Ontario-based responses
  • Provide a written report two weeks prior to the Ontario 4-H Council scheduled meetings, outlining the activities of the Canadian 4-H Council YAC and noting the Ontario-based issues brought to that Committee
  • Attend and participate in the 4-H Ontario Conference and Annual Meeting, including the Ontario 4-H Council Annual General Meeting (the 4-H Ontario Council will cover CAM registration costs)
  • Attend the Board governance training offered by the Ontario 4-H Council prior to the first full Ontario 4-H Council Board of Directors meeting (or make alternate training arrangements)

Roles and Responsibilities – 4-H Canada

  • Attend 4-6 meetings per year (including one in-person in February)
  • Participate in one networking group per year
  • Demonstrate knowledge of 4-H Canada and 4-H locally
  • Show interest in public speaking, group facilitation and being a team player
  • Travel and participation in two events a year, coordinated by 4-H Canada (TBD)
  • Assist 4-H Canada staff in planning and facilitating the National Leaders Conference
  • Represent 4-H Canada at various events and promote National programs and opportunities
  • Act in an advisory capacity to 4-H Canada staff on the development of youth friendly programs, resources and materials (such as videos, brochures, program guides)
  • Be a positive role model
  • For more information, please visit https://4-h-canada.ca/yac

Application Form: 

YAC Member Application Form

Please apply by December 31st, 2020.

To apply, please send completed form to:
4-H Ontario’s Executive Assistant
1-877-410-6748 x 474

For current 4-H Members ages 18-21

For over 15 years, the 4-H Ontario Ambassador program has provided 4-H Ontario Members with advanced training in leadership, citizenship, communications and public relations.

4-H Ontario Ambassadors use their passion and 4-H experiences to recruit youth and volunteers, represent 4-H Ontario at functions and share the 4-H story.

Up to six current 4-H Members between the ages of 18-21 are selected each year to represent 4-H Ontario as 4-H Ontario Ambassadors. Ambassadors promote the 4-H program by attending both 4-H and community events across the province – from camps and conferences, to fairs, grand openings and special events. National and International opportunities may also arise for Ambassadors.

Become a 2022 4-H Ontario Ambassador

Do you want the opportunity to enhance your skills, build your resume and represent 4-H across the province? Do you want to be eligible for a 4-H Ontario Ambassador Scholarship? And have a lot of fun doing all of those things? Apply to become a 2022 4-H Ontario Ambassador!

For information about the 4-H Ontario Ambassador Program including what the role entails, important dates and Frequently Asked Questions, download this document: 2022 Ambassador Application Information (121 downloads)

To apply: Click here to complete your application by 11:59 p.m. on January 10.


The 2021 4-H Ontario Ambassadors are:

Caitlyn Kolb (Peel)

Marissa Lester (Lambton)

*photo coming soon!


Dougie Robinson (Stormont)


“What makes being a 4-H Ambassador special is that I’m able to share how important 4-H is with the younger members.” – Devin Catt, 4-H Ontario Ambassador, 2018

Request a 2021 4-H Ontario Ambassador for your event! 

Thank you to our sponsor, FS, for their ongoing support and leadership of the Ambassador Program.

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4-H Ontario is generously supported with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs.

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

For current 4-H Members ages 18-21

The Director – Youth on the Ontario 4-H Council Board of Directors brings the views and issues of 4-H Members to Ontario 4-H Council Board discussions.

Application deadline for the Ontario 4-H Council Director – Youth is December 31, 2021.

The Director – Youth provides input into governance issues during board meetings. Meetings will be held both face-to-face and via teleconferences.

This holder of this position also helps manage the strategic development of the 4-H Ontario program. Directors, through shared vision, develop 4-H Ontario governance policies.

To apply, you must be an active 4-H participant in good standing between the ages of 18-21 at the time of appointment by the Board of Directors. The length of term (appointment) will be one year, which will expire at the completion of the Ontario 4-H Council Annual General Meeting. The Director – Youth can be reappointed but may not exceed three consecutive terms.

Complete the 2021 Application Form here.

“Being the Director – Youth has provided the opportunities to praise and promote the value of 4-H Ontario to its Members and Volunteers.”

– Cassandra Chornoboy, Director – Youth, 2012-2013

“The Director – Youth position is an opportunity to learn about the 4-H program from the inside. You sit at a table with Volunteers who have different perspectives and experiences, but at the end of the day you are one united voice that is directing the 4-H program. Even though I might have been the youngest person at the board table, my input was valued the same as anyone else’s.”

– Carolyn Cober, Director – Youth, 2008-2009

For more information, please contact:
4-H Ontario’s Executive Assistant
1-877-410-6748 x 474

For current 4-H Members of all ages 

Youth Facilitators ensure the inclusion of all participants and help create an environment where participants are able to contribute their opinions for personal growth. 

Youth Facilitators support the role of Facilitator in the staff team and are preferred to be at least two years older than the oldest participant attending the activity.

The time commitment varies per opportunity. Typically, Youth Facilitators are asked to arrive prior to the delegates on the first day and leave shortly after the delegates on the last day.

We also ask that you’re available for opportunity-specific training (an hour to full day depending on the opportunity), as well as a wrap-up teleconference call for approximately one hour.

For more information, please contact:
4-H Ontario’s Senior Manager, Programming
1-877-410-6748 x 472

For current 4-H Members ages 15-21

Youth Leaders and Directors are senior 4-H Members who take on additional responsibilities within a club project.

Leadership, communication, teamwork and mentorship are all key pieces to youth leadership in 4-H.

An updated Club Youth Leader project book as well as an Association Youth Director project book will be available to Youth Leaders for you to use to complete those projects. Training will be required every two years for members completing a Youth Leader or Youth Director project.

Youth Leaders

Club Youth Leaders must be 15-21 years old and actively engaged in the project for which they are a Youth Leader.

All Youth Leaders must attend a Youth Leader webinar. These webinars are offered from 7-8 p.m. on various dates from February to May. Additional webinars will be added as required.

Youth interested in participating in a webinar must contact their local Volunteer Support Coordinator to register.

Dates for 2021 Youth Leader Training Webinars:

Tuesday, February 2

Wednesday, March 3

Tuesday, April 6

Wednesday, May 5

Re-engagement training can be completed by participating in Provincial 4-H Leadership Camp, Future Leaders In Action or taking a Youth Leader webinar module.

Youth Leader webinars are proudly sponsored by Kubota.

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Youth Directors

Youth Directors must be active 4-H Members between the ages of 18-21.

Youth Directors work on Association initiatives as part of the Association Board of Directors to learn new skills and practice leadership with the guidance of a 4-H Volunteer.

First-time Youth Directors are required to attend a New Volunteer Orientation session for initial training. This can be done in person or via webinar.

Returning Youth Directors must attend and participate in their local Association Annual General Meeting, Volunteer E-Symposium or an Association Requested Learning Opportunity.

For more information on Youth Leader and Youth Director positions, please contact:
4-H Ontario’s Senior Manager, Programming
1-877-410-6748 x 472