Policies Updated as of Nov. 9, 2022

  • Section 1.1. Definitions- Updated
  • O-HS-02 Out of Country Travel- Revised
  • O-HS-03- Allergies- Revised
  • O-HS-04- Helmet Use- Revised
  • O-HS-05 Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities- Updated
  • O-M-06- Meeting Time- Revised
  • O-M-11 Youth Leader and Youth Director- Updated
  • O-M-12 Deadline of Enrollment, Project Completions and Awards Information- Updated
  • O-M-13 4-H Ontario Camps, Conference and Competitions- Revised
  • O-M-14- Travel Reimbursement- Revised
  • B-BO-03- Agenda Control- Revised
  • B-BSR-08- Staff Performance Evaluation- removed
  • B- BSR-10- Council Employment- Revised
  • B-BSR-11- Compensation- Revise3d
  • B-BSR-13- Insurance- Revised
  • B-BSR-16 Club in Good Standing- Revised
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Definitions Updated October 2022

Appendix E – 4-H Brand Standards Manual

Updated April 2021


Table of Contents

Updated – July 2021

Complete 4-H Ontario Policy Manual

Updated – October 2022

Appendix C – Ontario 4-H Foundation Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures