B-CE-07- Volunteer Learning Opportunity

B-BSR-02 Delegation to Executive Director

B-BSR-04 Executive Director Performance Review

B-BSR-12 Temporary Executive Director Responsibilities

B-BSR-28 Youth Supervision Ratios


B-BSR-32 Governance and Operations Overlap- New

Revised policies- previously under O-CF (Council and Foundation)

B-BO-29 Council Expenses

B-BO-30 Memorandums and Letters of Agreement with Third Party 4-H Event Hosts and Organizers

B-BO-31 Mailing Lists

B-BO-32 Council Gift in Kind

B-BO-33 Council Advertising

B-BO- 34 Council Fundraising

B-BO-35 Procurement of 3rd Party Liability, Directors and Officers Liability and Travel Accident Insurance

B-BO-36 Council Gift Acceptance

B-CE-08- Lotteries Conducted-Revised

B-B0-26- Director in Good Standing-Revised

B-BSR-06- Communication to Council-Revised

B-BSR-15- Adherence to Policy-Reviewed

B-BSR-29- Executive Director Succession Plan -Reviewed

B-BO-19- Association in Good Standing-Revised

B-BO-28 -Investment Policy- New

B-CE-11- Inclusion- Revised

B-CE-12- Code of Conduct- Revised

B-BO-02- Meeting Process- Revised

B-BO-09 -Expectations of Board Directors- Revised

B-BO-15- Board Orientation- Revised

B-BO-21- Duty of Care- Revised

B-BSR-01- Executive Director Job Description- Revised

O-M-17- Locally Approved Projects- Revised

O-HS-02- Out of Country Travel- Revised

O-V-02- Screening and Training- Revised

O-V-07- Police Check Records- Revised

O-V-08- Inactive Volunteers- Revised



    • B-BSR-16- Club in Good Standing

    • B-CE-01-Philosphy of 4-H

    •  B-BO-26- Election Policy (new)

    • B-BSR-21- Volunteer in Good Standing

    •  B-B0-08- Committees Terms of Reference

    •  Appendix A- Gift Acceptance

    •  Appendix B-Ontario 4-H Council Board Procedures

    • Section 1.1. Definitions- Updated

    • O-HS-02 Out of Country Travel- Revised

    • O-HS-03- Allergies- Revised

    • O-HS-04- Helmet Use- Revised

    • O-HS-05 Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities- Updated

    • O-M-06- Meeting Time- Revised

    • O-M-11 Youth Leader and Youth Director- Updated

    • O-M-12 Deadline of Enrollment, Project Completions and Awards Information- Updated

    • O-M-13 4-H Ontario Camps, Conference and Competitions- Revised

    • O-M-14- Travel Reimbursement- Revised

    • B-BO-03- Agenda Control- Revised

    • B-BSR-08- Staff Performance Evaluation- removed

    • B- BSR-10- Council Employment- Revised

    • B-BSR-11- Compensation- Revise3d

    • B-BSR-13- Insurance- Revised

    • B-BSR-16 Club in Good Standing- Revised

Policy Manual

Introduction and Section 1

Section 2: Ontario 4-H Consolidated Bylaws

Section 3: Ontario 4-H Council Board Policies

Section 4: 4-H Ontario Operating Policies and Procedures

Section 5: Appendices

Section 6: Ontario 4-H Foundation Bylaws

Section 7: Ontario 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees Policies