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Ontario 4-H Council

The Ontario 4-H Council Board of Directors develops the vision and governance policies for 4-H Ontario.

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A Dedicated Board of Directors With a Common Goal

Each of the 50+ 4-H Ontario Associations elect an Association Representative (AR) to speak and vote on behalf of the Association at the provincial level. The ARs then vote ten of their own onto the Ontario 4-H Council Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has the responsibility of providing direction and vision for the 4-H Ontario program, and is responsible for the management and direction of the Executive Director, who in turn is responsible for the management and direction of the 4-H Ontario staff, who manage daily operations of 4-H.

The Board of Directors elects an Executive Committee annually. It consists of a Past President, President, Vice President and Director-at-Large. The Board also includes a Youth Director and a Community Director.

The Ontario 4-H Foundation endowment fund generates income to support Ontario 4-H Council activities.

2020 Ontario 4-H Council Board of Directors

  • Cheryl Sullivan (President)
  • Dennis Carnegie (Past President)
  • Nicole French (Youth Director)
  • Doug Melia
  • Jeff Stratichuk
  • Donna Van Der Heyden
  • Darrell Bergsma (Vice President)
  • Elaine Bowman (Director-at-Large)
  • Laurie Farquharson
  • Erica Murray
  • Emily Tremblay
  • Edna White

2019-2023 Ontario 4-H Council Strategic Plan

Read a summary of the 4-H Ontario 2019-2023 Strategic Plan

2020 Board Minutes

Past approved board minutes can be obtained by contacting:
Executive Assistant, 4-H Ontario
1-877-410-6748 x 474

Audited financials can be obtained by contacting:
Manager, Finance, 4-H Ontario
1-877-410-6748 x 467