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Volunteering with 4-H is truly a unique and rewarding experience. Become a 4-H volunteer today!

Two people standing in front of table in recreation hall organizing children’s game.

The 4-H program is based on positive youth development where volunteers take a strength-based approach to build youth as leaders in their communities and assets to the world. Volunteers mentor young people to build their skills, knowledge and confidence. Being a 4-H volunteer provides the opportunity to help build your community, develop youth leaders and enhance your own skills as a volunteer.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a 4-H volunteer! Here are the basics you need to know:

  • The minimum age for a 4-H volunteer in Ontario is 18 years old.
  • If you are not old enough yet, ask about the other ways you can get involved!
  • All adults (18 years of age or older) who volunteer with 4-H in Ontario must complete a volunteer screening and training process to ensure the safety and well-being of 4-H youth.
  • All new leaders must complete all the steps noted above before starting to volunteer with 4-H
  • 4-H Volunteer are required to update their volunteer status with regular screening and training at regular intervals throughout their 4-H volunteer career.

All 4-H Ontario volunteers must complete the 4-H Ontario Volunteer Screening Process to ensure the safety and integrity of our program, and to better understand your talents and interests.

  • Application Below – When have submitted your application to 4-H Ontario you will be contacted by a member of the 4-H Ontario Volunteer Support Team who will guide you through the remaining steps in the process.
  • Interview with local 4-H Association Screening Committee
  • Reference checks – to be submitted with application
  • Completion and submission of a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check
  • Completion of a New Volunteer Orientation
  • Completion and submission of designated Child Protection training.

Note: 4-H Ontario has the sole and unfettered discretion to accept or decline a new volunteer candidate.

4-H Ontario Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in joining 4-H Ontario as a Volunteer! The information you submit below will connect you to a member of the 4-H Ontario Volunteer Support team. The Volunteer Support team will connect with you via email regarding the remaining steps to be completed before becoming a 4-H volunteer. They are also available to answer any questions you might have.

Volunteer Information

Choose the area of Ontario you are interested in volunteering for

Reference Checks

Please list three (3) persons not related to you who have definite knowledge of your qualifications and have known you for at least two (2) years. We will contact these individuals by phone or email and ask them to respond to a short questionnaire. All responses will be confidential. Please note-Personal and family physicians, clergy and extended family are not acceptable references.

Reference # 1

Reference # 2

Reference # 3


Photo Release

Photos and videos of members and leaders participating in 4‐H events are used to promote and share information about our programming. 4‐H retains photos in our archives and photos may be altered, copied, published or dis‐ tributed to local newspaper or media, as well as 4‐H Canada or sponsors/partners for use in their publications and promotional materials. By providing your consent, you grant 4-H Ontario to use your likeness in photographs, videos, or other digital media in any of our publications, including online, without compensation.


Sign up to our newsletter to get monthly news, updates and resources from 4-H Ontario. Your personal information is important to us. 4-H Ontario does not rent, sell or trade mailing lists held by the organization.


Volunteer Commitment Declaration and Participation Waiver

I have read the 4‐H Volunteer Requirements and Commitment, and 4‐H Information provided with this form. I understand that participation as 4-H volunteer is voluntary, and involves a certain degree of risk when participating in some 4‐H activities. After carefully considering the risks involved, I choose to enroll as a volunteer leader of the club named above and participate fully in its activities. I take responsibility for the risk involved, my safety and well‐being and have made the club and volunteers aware of any special needs. I release the 4‐H club, the 4‐H Ontario, and its staff, directors, members, leaders or volunteers from any liability for any injury or loss that may result from my involvement in the club or participation in 4‐H activities. I understand that creating a safe, inclusive and fun environment is the responsibility of everyone involved in any 4‐H activity and agree to abide by the 4‐H Code of Conduct, follow all relevant rules and policies, and positively represent 4‐H. Agreement: I declare that I have read and agree to the 4‐H Volunteer Requirements and Commitment, agree to abide by the 4‐H Code of Conduct, as well as the above participation terms, an herby submit my application to be a 4-H volunteer.
Privacy Statement: 4-H Ontario respects the privacy of its members, volunteers, donors, sponsors, staff and stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that appropriate measures and safeguards are in place to protect specific information that is held for the purpose of 4-H Ontario programs. We adhere to legislative requirements with respect to privacy. We do not rent, sell or trade mailing lists. If at any time you wish to be removed from any of our contact lists, simply contact us by phone at 519-856-0992, toll free at 1-877-410-6748, by fax at 519-856-0515 or via our website. We will gladly accommodate your request. For further information regarding our commitment to privacy, please contact 4-H Ontario’s Privacy Officer at privacy@4-hontario.ca