New Volunteer Orientation

Learn To Do By Doing with other new volunteers with our comprehensive online orientation.

Group of people facing away standing side by side in hoola hoops

The New Volunteer Orientation (NVO) is a requirement for volunteer candidates. NVO’s provide a “Learn To Do By Doing” experience. This two-hour orientation provides hands-on experience and information in order to equip volunteer candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge they will require to volunteer with 4-H.

Topics covered include: what is 4-H, club management, risk management, local association roles and responsibilities and programming opportunities for members. These sessions are designed for those who have not previously volunteered with 4-H, including Youth Directors.

Self-Directed New Volunteer Orientation

The 4-H Ontario volunteer support staff is happy to offer a self-directed new volunteer orientation session. This session can be completed from the comfort of home at the volunteer candidate’s convenience. There is roughly one hour of video content to view in this session, along with quiz questions throughout. A minimum score of 9/12 on the quiz is required in order to complete the session. Volunteer candidates can contact their volunteer support staff member or reference their introductory email for password access to the link.

Live Webinar Key Registration Details

  • Please register directly with your Coordinator, Volunteer Support at least one week before the date of your preferred training session.
  • Registration will ensure we have your updated contact information and can relay information regarding changes to session dates, times or location.

Live Webinar NVO Dates and Times

Please note: Scheduled live webinar sessions for 2023 have now concluded.

Monthly live webinars will be held beginning in January 2024 from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. (EST). Please note that for maximum benefit and learning, participants must have functional webcams engaged on their computers. *A minimum of six participants are required for each webinar session.