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What Insurance Coverage does 4-H offer?

Please see the document below for more information. 4-H in Canada – Insurance Overview

What is the 4-H Ontario Privacy Policy?

Ontario 4-H Council (“4-H Ontario”) Privacy Statement 4-H Ontario respects the privacy of its members, volunteers, donors, sponsors, staff and stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that appropriate measures and safeguards are in place to protect specific information that is…


Why does each Association have their own Board of Directors?

Each Association has their own Board of Directors to administer the 4-H Ontario program locally. This ensures that volunteers have a strong influence and can be active in their local program. However, all Associations fall under the “umbrella” of 4-H…


What is an Association?

When you join 4-H Ontario, you are connected to a group of 4-H’ers in your local area. In 4-H lingo, these groups are called 4-H “Associations”. Each Association belongs to the greater whole of 4-H Ontario and delivers the program…


What is the difference between the Ontario 4-H Council and the Ontario 4-H Foundation?

Based on a recommendation by the Ontario 4-H Leaders’ Committee in 1988, the Ontario 4-H Council was created to develop and implement provincial 4-H policies. At this time, the Ontario 4-H Council worked with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and…