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Why does each Association have their own Board of Directors?

Each Association has their own Board of Directors to administer the 4-H Ontario program locally. This ensures that volunteers have a strong influence and can be active in their local program. However, all Associations fall under the “umbrella” of 4-H Ontario.

A 4-H volunteer from the local Association Board of Directors will fill the role of “Association Representative” and represent their local Association within matters of the Ontario 4-H Council. The Association Representative can also step forward to be part of the Ontario 4-H Council Board of Directors through an election. The Ontario 4-H Council works with 4-H Ontario’s Executive Director to develop the organization’s vision. The Executive Director then guides the 4-H Ontario staff to carry out this vision. This governance model allows the organization to be run by 4-H volunteers. No Association or Regional Board can have policies or procedures in place that contradict those set by the Ontario 4-H Council.

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