What is the difference between the Ontario 4-H Council and the Ontario 4-H Foundation?

Based on a recommendation by the Ontario 4-H Leaders’ Committee in 1988, the Ontario 4-H Council was created to develop and implement provincial 4-H policies. At this time, the Ontario 4-H Council worked with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food who delivered the program. The Ontario 4-H Council develops the vision and policies that provide direction for the 4-H program in Ontario. The Council is also a registered charity.

In 1998, the Ontario 4-H Foundation was founded as a charitable organization with the purpose of ensuring financial security of 4-H Ontario activities for the future. ‘Foundation Trustees’ volunteer to serve and share their expertise on fundraising, networking, financial management and assist staff with sponsorship and donations. The Ontario 4-H Foundation ensures a strong financial future for 4-H.

The Ontario 4-H Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Ontario 4-H Council. Both the Ontario 4-H Foundation and the 4-H Ontario Staff report to the elected representatives of the Ontario 4-H Council.

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