The 4-H Ontario Ambassador program provides youth with advanced level training in leadership, citizenship, communications and public relations. Ambassadors put their energy and 4-H experiences to work recruiting new members and sharing the 4-H story. Throughout 2018, each of 4-H Ontario’s Ambassadors will submit blog entries about their experiences in the program. To book an Ambassador for your local event click here. The 4-H Ontario Ambassador Program is sponsored by FS. Submitted by Nicole French, 4-H Ontario Youth Ambassador from Peel 4-H Association I Pledge, My Hands to Larger Service…. This summer I will be taking part in the Hands To Larger Service program set out by 4-H Canada as a way to inspire youth to give back to their community. Twenty-four Youth Service leaders were chosen to create, plan and execute community service projects for the Club to Club exchanges taking place this summer. Back in May, I attended a training weekend where I gained valuable skills and heard from guest speakers, who inspired me to make a difference. I have been paired with Sue West 4-H Association in Nova Scotia and will be travelling there during the first week in August. I am working with the club to plan our project. We are looking at building a structure for picnic benches to go under at the local Exhibition Grounds in Barrington. This is the 4-H association’s way of giving back to their community. So far this has been an amazing experience. With this being my first national opportunity with 4-H, I would like to encourage all 4-Her’s to take part in national opportunities and next year to apply to be a Youth Service Leader. I have already made lasting friendships with people across our great country and gained many more skills that I am immediately able to put into practice. The Hands To Larger service program partners with McDonald’s Canada and the Government of Canada.