Hi everyone! It’s Dougie Robinson here again.  In celebration of Show Your 4-H Colours day I would like to touch on the importance of the leadership skills we learn in 4-H and how they will benefit your future. 

Self Confidence – I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for great 4-H leaders, friends, camps, and other opportunities helping me build this skill.  Having self confidence opens doors to many rewarding opportunities. Take advantage of these opportunities along your pathway.

Inspire Initiative – A good leader will inspire others to make a change.  People need a leader with a vision. This promotes initiative for your club or colleagues to complete a project.  Consider becoming a Youth Leader in your local 4-H club.

Character-   Leadership builds character which is an important part being a good leader.  Patience, perseverance, honesty and self-discipline, just to mention a few, are quantities that will earn you respect when running a club activity or event and is beneficial when seeking a job in the future.

Communication Skills- Judging Day comes to my mind right away.  What better way to practice your communication skills?  Remove your hat, look the judge in the eye, organize your thoughts and speak clearly.  The communication skills you learn in 4-H will be with you forever. Good communication skills lead to a healthy life and stronger relationships with family, friends, colleagues and your community.    

 Youth, Leaders, Volunteers and Staff I challenge you to get creative this November 3rd and show your 4-H colours in a bold and unique way!  Let’s paint Ontario green with 4-H spirit all month long and celebrate! Post your videos and pics to your favourite social media sites platforms #ShowYour4HColours