4-H Ontario COVID-19 update – February 15, 2022 

On February 14, the Province of Ontario announced the next step in the phased approach to lifting public health measures. Beginning February 17, in-person 4-H activities that abide by the following requirements will be permitted: 

  • There are no more than 50 people inside a home (including the residents of the home),  
  • There are no more than 100 people outdoors,  

As of February 17, capacity limits in indoor public setting such as a meeting space in a community centre or church will be removed.  

All in-person 4-H activities must continue to follow public health guidelines including self-screening before attending any in-person activities, as well as practice physical distancing and wearing a mask during in-person activities. 4-H participants, volunteers and guests must also complete a COVID-19 waiver prior to attending an in-person 4-H activity. COVID-19 waivers can be found as part of youth online registration, the volunteer participation form and on our website here for guests.  

On October 16, 2021, the Ontario 4-H Council approved a policy that states, while 4-H is not requiring youth or volunteers to be vaccinated to be in the 4-H program, proof of vaccination is required to attend indoor 4-H events. As per proof of vaccine requirements by the provincial government, each person over the age of 12 attending an indoor 4-H activity is required to have received a full series of a vaccine approved by Health Canada at least 14 days prior. All youth and volunteers are required to complete a COVID-19 vaccine attestation form as part of youth online registration or the volunteer participant form. The verbal notice is also to be addressed at the beginning of each in-person 4-H activity. 

Please note if you choose to host your 4-H activity at a venue, you must comply with the venue’s proof of vaccine requirements that may include showing proof of vaccine for both indoor and outdoor settings. Compliance with any other venue requirements will also need to be followed (i.e. masks, physical distancing, etc.). 

To host an in-person 4-H activity, 4-H associations/clubs must submit an activity plan at least 14 business days prior to the start date of the activity. All activity plans must be approved prior to the commencement of the proposed in-person activity. An activity plan can be submitted here.  

4-H Ontario continues to monitor the Government guidelines for COVID-19 and acknowledges that the province intends to further lift restrictions on March 1. 4-H Ontario will provide further program updates by the end of February. 

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