ROCKWOOD, ONT (March 29, 2022) – 4-H Ontario is proud to announce the recipients of the 2022 4-H Ontario Arbor Award, sponsored by Bayer Crop Science, a prestigious honour recognizing exemplary volunteer service with 4-H Ontario and the community. In 2022, the following three volunteers were recognized with this distinct award: Cathy Stockdale (Peterborough 4-H Association), Janet Campbell (Chatham-Kent 4-H Association) and Raymond Wilson (Hamilton-Wentworth 4-H Association). 

The recipients were honoured at the 4-H Ontario Arbor Awards Banquet on March 26, 2022. Each of the recipients received an award featuring a hand-crafted metal sculpture of a tree and in addition, a tree will be planted in a location of their choice in honour of their contributions to the 4-H program and their community.  

“This year’s recipients of the 4-H Ontario Arbor Award embody all that it means to be an exemplary 4-H volunteer.  Their impact on the youth and volunteers around them is immeasurable,” says Megan Burnside-Poitras, Volunteer & Database Manager, 4-H Ontario. “I am honoured to work alongside these deserving volunteers in service to 4-H Ontario and I look forward to continuing to watch as their work changes the lives of 4-H youth for many years to come.” 

Established in 2001 during the International Year of the Volunteer, the 4-H Ontario Arbor Award recognizes a select group of 4-H Ontario volunteers who have served the organization for over 10 years and have positively impacted 4-H and their local community. This is 4-H Ontario’s most prestigious volunteer award. 

 “The long-serving commitment and dedication to Ontario 4-H by the Arbor Award recipients represents what it truly means to be a volunteer,” said Trish Jordan, Senior Business Partner, Government and Industry Affairs with Bayer Crop Science. “Their tireless dedication to living the 4-H pledge and helping build the next generation of leaders is truly inspiring.  Thank you for building better people and communities through giving of your time and experience to the 4-H program”. 

To be eligible to receive the award, 4-H Ontario volunteers must be nominated by their local 4-H Association. Nominees must have shown significant leadership, initiative and made a positive impact on 4-H at various levels. In addition, nominees must have other involvement within their community or other volunteer organizations. The selection committee consists of representatives of 4-H Ontario, Bayer and previous Arbor Award winners. 

Learn more about each of the 2022 4-H Ontario Arbor Award recipients below.  

Cathy Stockdale 

Cathy Stockdale is a 4-H alumnus and has been a 4-H volunteer for 28 years. During this time, she has led almost a hundred 4-H projects and volunteered her time to many other 4-H activities including the organization of countless Peterborough 4-H Association fundraisers, community outreach initiatives and chaperoning at provincial and national 4-H opportunities. Cathy also volunteers with a myriad of other organizations in her community by providing support to fundraisers and youth learning initiatives.   

Cathy’s passion for 4-H stems from her 4-H experiences as a child and her love for the program never left her heart. She carried on this passion by becoming a 4-H club leader and sharing her knowledge with youth in her community, association and beyond. “Many children in our community have been [part of] Cathy’s 4-H clubs carrying with them skills and knowledge to further succeed in their growth and leadership qualities of their own, not to mention the memories created together,” says fellow 4-H volunteer, Tracy Dafoe.   

Cathy always encourages youth to participate in local fairs or other opportunities to showcase their learning and skills. “It doesn’t matter whether the project is a calf, a chicken or carrot muffins; Cathy is there to cheer on her members in their accomplishments,” says fellow 4-H volunteer, Diane Armstrong.   

She has put her heart and soul into the 4-H program and her devotion to 4-H is easy to see as she speaks so highly of the organization. Each of her children participated in the 4-H program with even more exciting years to come as she joins her grandchildren at their first 4-H club meetings.  

Janet Campbell 

Janet has been a 4-H volunteer for more than 35 years and during this time has led over forty 4-H clubs and held many executive positions including secretary, treasurer, resource contact, livestock contact and membership coordinator.  She is always one of the first to jump in when it comes to organizing an event or fundraiser for Chatham-Kent 4-H Association or to lend her time to other community organizations such as local churches, schools and the local plowing match. Janet recognizes opportunities for 4-H to work with community organizations and this bridging plays an important part in the strength of community interconnections.

“Janet was a mentor to me and unknowingly taught me how to be a beacon of light in our community. She taught me to strive for more and to always make time for others. Janet offers so much to our community through her presence,” says fellow Queen of the Furrow volunteer, Sarah van Leeuwen. 

On many occasions she has been noted as Chatham-Kent 4-H’s “Keeper of Knowledge” and an invaluable resource to 4-H. Her knowledge and approachable nature make her the ideal point person for new 4-H’ers. Janet understands the value of the 4-H program and tirelessly works to promote it within her community. “Regardless of who she interacts with, she strives to help them and make their day better. Janet loves to ‘Learn To Do By Doing” and is truly deserving of the Arbor Award,” says fellow 4-H volunteer, Kris McNaughton. 

For as long as many can remember, Janet has dedicated her time and energy into mentoring youth of Chatham-Kent and her passion for 4-H and her community continues to shine bright every day. 

Raymond Wilson 

Raymond’s 4-H journey began at the age of 13 and his passion for the program led him to becoming a 4-H volunteer, lending his time in many capacities from Association Treasurer to leader of the Finance, Swine, Dairy and Judging clubs. He is actively involved in many other association activities such as Go For The Gold, achievement days, awards nights and more. He is also actively involved in other community organizations such as the Ancaster Agricultural Society, Bowman United Church, Ancaster Historical Society and more.  

As Association Treasurer since the Hamilton-Wentworth 4-H Association began, Raymond has dedicated much of his time to building a strong foundation for the Association and finding opportunities to support the Association and its youth. Each year Raymond submits a grant to the City of Hamilton that allows their Association to facilitate a registration fee subsidy program.  

Raymond supports his club participants and always encourages them to do their best while learning to do by doing. “His financial know-how coupled with his desire to teach made an excellent combination and I excitedly waited the next meeting,” says past 4-H club member and present 4-H club co-leader, Jesse Forster. 

One of Raymond’s passions is exhibiting at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair; however, when the adult grain competition was discontinued, Raymond ensured that local 4-H youth still entered the competition. “Each year, Raymond takes a truck load of entries to the Royal [Agricultural Winter Fair], a daylong event and takes pride in the participant’s accomplishments,” says fellow 4-H volunteer, Kathy Smith. 

In 2020, Raymond received his 50-year 4-H volunteer seal. He continues to lead 4-H clubs not for the accolades but for the enjoyment of seeing youth learn new skills and sharing his passion for 4-H with many more to come. 


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