As of March 1, the Ontario Government removed capacity limit restrictions for indoor settings and the requirement to request proof of vaccination in all settings.  

On March 3, the Ontario 4-H Council met to discuss the policy that stated, “while 4-H is not requiring youth or volunteers to be vaccinated to be in the 4-H program, proof of vaccination is required to attend indoor 4-H events.” At this meeting, the Ontario 4-H Council approved an amendment to that policy. The policy now states, ‘4-H Ontario is not requiring youth or volunteers to be vaccinated to be in the 4-H program, proof of vaccination may be required to attend 4-H events as per facility/venue requirements.’ 4-H Ontario will still follow all Public Health requirements and continue to require volunteers to submit activity plans to host an in-person activity.  

Effective March 7, in-person 4-H activities will no longer be restricted by capacity limits and the COVID-19 vaccine attestation will be removed from the participant registration form and the annual volunteer participant form. Please note, businesses and organizations may choose to still ask for proof of vaccine. 4-H activities are required to abide by the host venue’s requirements, and this may include showing proof of vaccine. A host venue could be a community centre, church, volunteer’s home, etc. 

Volunteers are encouraged to share any host venue requirements, COVID screening questions and their approved 4-H activity plan with attendees prior to the 4-H activity. The communication could be organized through email, social media channel or phone. 

All in-person 4-H activities must continue to follow public health guidelines including self-screening before attending any in-person activities, as well as practicing physical distancing and wearing a mask during in-person activities. 4-H participants, volunteers and guests must also complete a COVID-19 waiver prior to attending an in-person 4-H activity. COVID-19 waivers can be found as part of youth online registration, the annual volunteer participation form and on the website here for guests.  

4-H Ontario encourages 4-H associations to continue offering virtual and hybrid club meetings to keep their 4-H’ers safe and their activities inclusive for those who are unable or uncomfortable attending in-person activities.  

To host an in-person 4-H activity, 4-H associations/clubs must submit an activity plan at least 14 business days prior to the start date of the activity. All activity plans must be approved prior to the commencement of the proposed in-person activity. An activity plan can be submitted here.  

Despite the changes described above, the 4-H Ontario Volunteer Conference on March 26 will continue to follow 50% capacity limits and proof of vaccine will be required with respect for the delegates who registered for the event prior to the announcement of these updates. 

4-H Ontario continues to monitor the Government guidelines for COVID-19 and more updates will be made available as needed.  

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