Isn’t 4-H government run?

4-H Ontario became its own organization and a registered charity in 2000. At this time the Ontario 4-H Council fully took over operations and governance from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. A staff body was formed and policy work continued through the Ontario 4-H Council. To this day, government contributions cover about half of the 4-H Ontario operation costs. Membership fees, fundraising, sponsorships and other initiatives by staff and the Ontario 4-H Foundation contribute to the other half.

With the 90th anniversary of 4-H in Ontario, in 2005, came a reflection on the governance model. The governance model allows the organization to be run by 4-H volunteers. Clarification of voting processes were made to ensure strong policy creation. 4-H volunteers step forward to be elected, and the winners of the election sit on the Ontario 4-H Council Board of Directors. The Council works with 4-H Ontario’s Executive Director to develop the organization’s vision and strategic plan and the Executive Director then guides the 4-H Ontario staff to carry out this vision.

There are 20 staff who serve the entire province. 4-H Ontario staff are passionate people who are dedicated to the continued success of the 4-H program. Ensuring each youth, volunteer and alumni have an experience based on the 4-H values, Head, Heart, Hands and Health, is what the staff support.

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