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We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Brant. 

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4-H is a youth development leadership program for ages 6-21 from urban and rural areas.  The Brant 4-H Association is pleased to offer Cloverbuds (ages 6-8), and 4-H program (ages 9-21).  Volunteers are always welcome.

Please note: the Brant border hopper fee is $20.00.  Please contact Elaine Elgie with any questions at brant4h.programmanger@gmail.com

Brant 4-H is an organization of leaders building leaders. There are 4-H clubs in every county of Ontario and in every 4-H community, there are a variety of events beyond the club level in which members and/or volunteers can become involved.

4-H Ontario’s “Learn To Do By Doing” approach has provided 4-H youth with a place they can be involved, accepted, valued and heard while developing valuable leadership and life skills.

The Region 3 and 4 Judging Competition – July 10th and will run until July 18th midnight.

Please see the link below for competition. It is here you will find the entry form, rules and guidelines, judging tips, and of course the unique set of classes.


New this year, is the wild card. All non-winners will be put in a draw for a surprise prize!!


Best of luck to everyone!




Please see below for a complete listing of clubs offered in Brant for 2021 

Contact brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com  or leaders for more information or to sign up


ART      Hybrid – online /virtual

#Somewhere over the rainbow …. 4-H fun lies!  This year’s Art Club will explore the colours of the rainbow and make art in unusual places. Members will learn about colour theory and get the chance to make an edible rainbow, soap art, rock art, window paint, and bubble art, to a few. There will be short zoom meetings to start and finish the club. The second will be a Paint Night for our Achievement where will create masterpieces together or we will provide a video you follow along with instead.

Leaders: Scott Archer   rscottarcher@gmail.com   & Betty Summerhayes   betty.summerhayes@gmail.com

Emily Summerhayes   emily.summerhayes19@gmail.com  519 484-2413

Meetings emailed out: starting Friday, April 30th – new meeting emailed out every other Friday

optional Zoom meetings – Thursday, May 6th @ 7 pm & Thursday, July 29th

Achievement: Paint Night – Thursday, July 29th  in person, if possible; otherwise will be a follow along with a video


BATTERS UP! – Cookies & Squares     – Online

Add to your recipe book or start creating a new one as we bake up a storm!

Learn to substitute ingredients when necessary.  Enjoy some old favourites and explore new recipes.

Leaders:  Tammy Oswick   tonew13@gmail.com

Wendy Green   wmgreen@mcmaster.ca

Meetings emailed out:  starting April 12th, meeting packages will be sent out every 7 – 10 days until club is completed at the beginning of June.


BEEF       – In person, when we can

Leaders:  Ron Eadie  readie@contrans.com   519 647-3961

2nd leader required for club to begin/start contact Ron if interested

Meeting Dates: dates subject to change depending one meetings are able to start in person & 2nd leader determined – 2nd Tuesday each month April – August;  plus – Judging Night –

Location: various host farms around the county

Achievement: tbd


BIRDWATCHING        – Online

Did you know Birdwatching has become the fastest growing hobby in the past year?

What might you do? –

–          Learn about bird habitats and nesting – create an edible nest!?!

–          Bird identification – build a bird feeder!

–          Notable birds – build a bird bath!

–          Endangered birds.

Leaders:  Elaine Elgie sled1@sympatico.ca

Tammy Oswick   tonew13@gmail.com

Meetings emailed out :  end of March, new meetings emailed out every 3 weeks

–          Contact leaders to see if possible to catch up on meetings


BREAKFAST BONANZA    – Hybrid – online & virtual

Do you enjoy making and eating breakfast? Are you bored of eating the same thing each day? Well then, this club is for you!  In the Breakfast Bonanza Club, members will make smoothies, egg dishes, pancakes, waffles, scones, tea biscuits and meat dishes. There will be several recipes to choose from each meeting. There will be two optional short zoom meetings to start and finish the club where we will make a breakfast dish together.

Leaders:  Scott Archer   rscottarcher@gmail.com & Betty Summerhayes   betty.summerhayes@gmail.com

Emily Summerhayes  emily.summerhayes19@gmail.com   519 484-2413

Carol  Vellenga   gcvllenga@silomail.com

Jasmine Gillyatt   jasmine.gillyatt@gmail.com

Meetings emailed out :  May 7th, followed by meeting packages emailed out every 2 weeks until/including July 16th

optional Zoom meetings – Saturdays May 15th @ 10:30 am & July 24th @ 10:30 am

Achievement: July 30th


CHOCOLATE         – Hybrid -virtual/online

Learn to appreciate all the processes involved in making chocolate; learn how to cook with chocolate; learn about the different kinds of chocolate; learn about the nutrition of chocolate; how to use chocolate in many different ways; and finally, to enjoy the chocolate!

Leaders:  Janice Kyle  pjkyle92@gmail.com

Maggie Kyle

Tammy Oswick   tonew13@gmail.com

Virtual Meeting Dates: Fridays –  April 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30th ; May 7th – plus work offline

Time: 7 pm

Achievement:  May 14th;  7:30 pm – 8:30 pm (virtual)



Brant 4-H is very fortunate to have the opportunity to develop a very successful partnership with the Bell Homestead, National Historic Site for a Community Involvement Club.

The Bell Homestead  is also a very important part of Our Heritage in Brant.

Adapting to a virtual club this spring the educational co-ordinator at the Homestead has put together the Topic of to focus on collections. – So, why do museums collect stuff and how can they share this stuff in a meaningful way?

This opens up all sorts of possibilities for a final achievement – members could create listicles (like Buzzfeed), memes, Tik Toks. Members could use their own objects to make a personal museum!?!

Leaders: Lesleigh Elgie   lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com

Elaine Elgie   sled1@sympatico.ca

Virtual Meeting Dates:  Mondays – March 29th, April 12th & 26th, May 10th, * Wednesday, May 26th*, Mondays – June 7th & 21st & July 5th

Time:  6:30 pm – 8 pm

Achievement: tbd


DAIRY – Junior (9 -13* as of Jan. 1st, 2021)     – Virtual (zoom) & In person when allowed

Topic: Dairy Showmanship and Journey to the Show Ring.

Members will be required to register their 4-H dairy project/animal by May 31st

Leaders: Valerie Stone   519 732-1928    valstone18@hotmail.com

Gord Vellenga   519 753-1522   gcvellenga@silomail.com

Meeting Dates: 1st Wednesday of the month April – August

Time: 7 pm

Locations: various host farms around the county, when in person allowed

Achievement: tbd


DAIRY –  Senior (14* & up as of Jan. 1st, 2021)      – Virtual & In person when allowed

The meetings will cover management practices with guest speakers an industry experts in the dairy industry providing insight.

Members will required to register their dairy project/animal by the end of May

Leaders: Terry Green 519 759-3845   tgreen@sympatico.ca

Colton Oughtred    colton_oughtred@hotmail.ca

Brad Stuart   519 458-4108   bradstuart@silomail.com

Meeting Dates: 2nd Wednesday each month May – August

Location: various host farms around the county – when in person allowed

Achievement:  tbd


GARDENING   – Let’s Get Growing: Beautify the Earth      – Hybrid   online/virtual

Do love flowers?  Ae interested in learning how grow your own flowers? Well then, this club is for you! In the Let’s Get Growing online club, we will start seeds indoors, learn how to transplant and care for plants, make your own hanging baskets and pots, learn how to arrange flower bouquets and save seeds for next year. Members will be mailed out mystery seeds to grow. No gardening experience is needed, those with large gardens or space for only a few pots are welcome. For club achievement members will arrange a bouquet of flowers to give away. There will be two short optional zoom meetings to start & finish the club.

Leaders:  Scott Archer rscottarcher@gmail.com   & Betty Summerhayes   betty.summerheyes@gmail;.com

Emily Summerhayes  emily.summerhayes19@gmail.com   519 484-2413

Carol Vellenga   gcvellenga@silomail.com

Meetings emailed out: March 12th and a new meeting will emailed out the 2nd Friday of each month until/including August

optional Zoom meetings- March 18th & August 12th @ 7 pm

Achievement:  arrange a bouquet of flowers to give away


GOAT          – Hybrid – virtual/online  * possibility of in person meetings/achievement when allowed

Please contact Holly for more details and requirements regarding the Goat Club

Leaders:    Holly Illman   226 388-4083   holly@pinehavensolutions.com

Sarah Hamilton   sarahjaynehammy@hotmail.com

Dates:  3rd Wednesdays:  April – August

Time: 7 pm

Achievement:  TBD


HORSE   -Hybrid  – vitual/online     * possibility of in person meetings/achievement when allowed

Please contact Holly for more details and requirements regarding the Horse Club

Leaders:  Holly Illman   holly@pinehavensolutions.com

2nd leader has been recruited

Meeting Dates:  3rd  Thursdays:  April – August

Time: 7 pm

Achievement: TBD


Digital  PHOTOGRAPHY – for all skill levels.   – Online

We will continue to help develop your passion for photography and practice skills to become a better photographer. Members will learn to take different types of pictures and many tips to create a better photograph. We will also learn how to store and share photos. Past years photography club members will develop and gain more photography skills, challenging you more!

Leaders:  Karen Condon  karenjc24@yahoo.com

Laura Coleman  nisbet_laura@hotmail.com

Elaine Elgie  sled1@sympatico.ca

Meetings emailed out:  starting May 19th;  every 3 weeks for a total of 6 meetings & achievement  Achievement: TBD


QUILTING         – Virtual, until we can meet in person

Returning members we will start with tutorial from Missouri Star is fun & bit challenging to get those half square triangles going in the right direction. This is something you can make from stash of quilting fabric, the scrappier the better. You can go crazy & make an entire quilt or make long strip for a bed runner or make a 20″ square pillow – Your quilt blocks when made are assembled into a large 20″ square unit. It would be a fun warm up to our main 2021 project.

We will welcome novice/beginner members once we are able to meet in person. These members will work on a project at their skill level.

All members provide their own100% cotton fabric & thread for their project,

Bring their own machine knowing how to operate their machine (thread, wind & replace bobbin, have tension set correctly). Along with their own:  thread snips, flower head quilting pins, good quality stitch ripper

Leaders: Lori DeJong  519 442-1251  pdejong@rogers.com

Elaine Elgie  519 756-4515   sled1@sympatico.ca

Lesleigh Elgie  519 761-1496   lesleigh.elgie@gmail.com

Amy Quinn  punchwich@yahoo.ca

Meeting Dates: every other Monday beginning April 5th, until the end of June; will then access how we can meet & or next project

Times: Monday’s   6:45 – 8:15 pm via Zoom

Achievement: Completed project


TRASH to TREASURE      – Online

In this project, we will be making crafts by reusing or recycling items that may have been sent to the recycle centre, garbage, dump, or landfill. We will be utilizing a variety of techniques to transform these materials into useful or attractive items. We will be encouraging creativity with the focus on using what we already have at home.

Leaders:  Tammy Oswick   tonew13@gmail.com

Karen Condon    karenjc24@yahoo.com

Mary Lynne Howell   howellfarm@hotmail.com

Meetings emailed out:  starting March 15th  , with new meetings emailed out every 2 weeks there after

–          Contact leaders to see if there is a possibility of being able to catch up on meetings

Achievement:  tbd


The   CLOVERBUD  Program

for youth ages 6 – 8 (as of January 1st, 2021)

Eligible birth years = 2012, 2013 & 2014

Membership fee $100.  For the calendar year

The Cloverbud program runs independently of the 4-H program

A different 4-H topic at each meeting


typically meeting the  2nd & 4th Fridays of the month February to November

When in person 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm @ Bethel Stone United Church, Paris

Will meet online/virtual once we have a total of a minimum of 6 paid Cloverbud members at 6:30 pm on Zoom; meeting package sent out 12 days in advance, until we can meet in person

Leaders: Elaine Elgie  sled1@sympatico.ca

Lesleigh Elgie  lesleigh.elgie@hotmail.com   Michelle Van Laeken   michelle.vanlaeken@gmail.com

Contact brant4h.programmanager@gmail.com  or leaders for more information or to sign up


Come prepared & on time to meetings!

All clubs, especially those with limited/maximum number of members –

Brant 4-H members given membership priority  Border hoppers may have to go on a waiting list

Bring your project book ~ pen/pencil ~ note book

Opportunities  ~  Camps  ~  Conferences  ~  Scholarships

Check out the January 2021 of the 4-H Ontario Leadership in Action magazine- Resource Guide

– for all the details, registration fees, deadlines & more …

Get your registrations in as soon as possible! Watch for deadlines

Mark on your Calendar

PARIS FAIR – Wednesday, September 2nd – 4-H Exhibit Boards to the fair

September 3rd – 7th


2021 membership fees are paid through 4-H Ontario

Brant membership fees $100, if you require instructions please click the link below:

Help for Registering to Join or Register for 4-H


Youth Leaders (members 15 as of Jan. 1st and older) LAST CALL


1st Tuesday in April & May

(there will be no more training session offered in 2021)

Send email to region4@4-hontario.ca to register. Minimum 7 days in advance.





Elaine Elgie


Contact Brant 4-H Association