Frontenac 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Frontenac County, the City of Kingston and surrounding areas.

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The Frontenac 4H clubs are run by a dedicated group of 4-H volunteers that encourage peer-to-peer collaboration. The volunteers have the opportunity to watch the members they work with grow and develop.

Seeing youth develop leadership skills and gain an understanding of how they can positively affect their community and country is truly rewarding.

Photos from Beef Swine & Dairy Achievement Day are available here: https://lyndsayberry.shootproof.com

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Frontenac 4-H 2024 events


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Throughout the year we are asked by different 4H partners for volunteers to help to support our members to participate in events and opportunities. Without your help these opportunities would not be available to our members. (updated September 2023)

Future opportunities :

Our hope is that each 4-H family will do 2 hrs at gates at two local fairs.

  1. Odessa Fair – is a huge fundraiser for Frontenac 4H. In 2022 we made almost $3000 that goes directly to helping us run 4-H in Frontenac County!
  2. Kingston Fall Fair – we help at the exit gates and this helps the fair cover our achievement day expenses, judges, ribbons, prize money, meals etc. at the fair

Please contact Jenn Clement if you are available at jenniferclement_14@hotmail.com


Rebecca Barr is the contact for Frontenac 4H clothing. 2023 ordering will be released in the spring

  • President: Jennifer Clement
  • Vice President: Rebecca Abrams 
  • Secretary/Membership Coordinator: Ann Babcock
  • Treasurer: Shelly Eves
  • AR: Sonia Nuttall
  • Directors: Lloyd Orser, Megan Kaiser
  • Jr Director: Sarah Campbell
  • AR: Sonia Nuttall
  • Regional Board Members: Mike Crellian, Joanne Dickson


Ann Babcock


Logan Orser


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