Frontenac 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Frontenac County, the City of Kingston and surrounding areas.

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Frontenac pack from the 2017 TD 4H Youth Dairy Classic show

The Frontenac 4H clubs are run by a dedicated group of 4-H volunteers that encourage peer-to-peer collaboration. The volunteers have the opportunity to watch the members they work with grow and develop.

Seeing youth develop leadership skills and gain an understanding of how they can positively affect their community and country is truly rewarding.

Photos from Beef Swine & Dairy Achievement Day are available here: https://lyndsayberry.shootproof.com/gallery/Frontenac-4H-2022/

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  • President: Jennifer Clement
  • Vice President: Rebecca Abrams 
  • Secretary/Membership Coordinator: Ann Babcock
  • Treasurer: Shelly Eves
  • AR: Sonia Nuttall
  • Directors: Logan Orser, Megan Kaiser
  • Livestock Co-ordinator: Joanne Dickson
  • Screening: Rachel Clow
  • Webmaster: Logan Orser
  • Clothing: Rebecca Barr


Rebecca Barr is the contact for Frontenac 4H clothing. Forward your order or any questions to: TBA

Order form is available on the Frontenac 4H Facebook Page under “Files”.

Frontenac 4H Association Awards previous winners

Conrad S. Grant Memorial Award: perseverance in livestock or veterinary clubs

  • 2019 – Shelby Eves
  • 2018 – Cody Jackson
  • 2017- Jamie Huffman

Dalton Garrett 4-H Beef Member Award: beef member exhibiting leadership in the promotion of their beef club and the beef industry

Ontario Holstein Branch “Spirit of 4-H” Award: to recognize a 4-H dairy club member who shows strength of character and who has made a positive difference in the community

  • 2019- Clarissa McCallum
  • 2018- Katie Babcook
  • 2017-Gyneen Dickson
  • 2016-Shelby Eves
  • 2015-Lindsay Gordon
  • 2014–Rachel Clow
  • 2013–Megan Kaiser
  • 2012- Jessica Brown

Ontario Plowmen’s Award: overall outstanding 4-H agricultural member

  • 2019 – Clarissa McCallum
  • 2018 – Rachel Clow
  • 2017 – Graham Orser

Glocca Morra Farms Award: member completing a variety of clubs and displaying community spirit

  • 2019 – Shelby Eves


Ann Babcock


Logan Orser


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