Hamilton Wentworth- Explore 4H

Explore 4-H’ is a club that will introduce you to a few of the many components of the 4-H program.  ‘4-H Marketing’ will get us out in the community sharing our love for 4-H. You will help us choose the themes for each meeting, at the first meeting.
We had to cancel the start of this club as originally planned.  We’re ready to try again.  Here is the proposed meeting dates & times.  We understand that life is getting busier again.  If you are able to join us for a minimum of 12 hours total on at least 3 different dates, this club can work for you. You can come for part or all of the time on any of the dates.
May 26, 6-8pm at the Rockton Fairgrounds, 812 Old Hwy 8, Rockton
June 2, 4-7pm Farmer’s Market, Rockton Fairgrounds
June 25, 10am-6pm Rockton Tractor Tour, Rockton Fairgrounds
June 26, 10am-6pm Rockton Tractor Tour, Rockton Fairgrounds
July 13, 7-9pm Safety Night, Binbrook Fairgrounds
August 18,  4-7pm Farmer’s Market, Rockton Fairgrounds
This club will be in person. We hope that you will join us as we all Learn to Do by Doing.  Please reply to d.k87@hotmail.com or call Karen at 226-966-0517 if you are interested.

Sandra & Karen

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