Ralph Bradley Memorial Bursary

Ralph Bradley Memorial Bursary Guidelines & Application For

Bursary option for 4H members!

Below is the letter from Rene Landry,

Attached is information about the Ralph Bradley Memorial Bursary awarded by Chapter 5 of the Drainage Superintendents Association of Ontario (DSAO); as well as the bursary guidelines and application form.

Please distribute the attached information to the graduating students of secondary schools within your 4-H Association membership, and the general public, to provide eligible students the opportunity to apply for the bursary.

The Guidelines and Application form to your website will also be greatly appreciated.

Any questions, please contact me.

Thank you.

René Landry

Bursary Coordinator   DSAO Chapter 5, Niagara Region

Tel:  905-931-2043

Email: jrlandry7912@gmail.com


Bursary Info_2022.docx

Ralph Bradley Memorial Bursary Guidelines & Application Form