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Love hands-on learning? Learn skills for a lifetime through 4-H in Huron County, Ontario.

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Huron County 4-H is an organization of leaders building leaders. With projects encompassing; agriculture, food, health, and the environment, 4-H Ontario’s “Learn To Do By Doing” clubs have had many successful years of history in our association. Founded in 1952, we deliver quality life skills programs with a focus on; innovation, sustainability, and leadership, for youth and volunteers; benefitting the citizens and communities in which they live.

So what is 4-H?
4-H is an agriculturally based organization for youth 9-21, with the Clover Buds program geared to youth 6-8 years old. 4-H is divided into 2 sections, livestock and life skills. Livestock clubs in our region traditionally run from April to September, in which members raise an animal (dairy, beef, lamb, swine, chicken, etc.) and show them at fall fairs. Life skills clubs are based on everything and anything else, including baking, camping, snowmobiles, archery, gardening, photography, plowing, field crops, small engine repairs, etc. Our life skills clubs tend to run a club over a 6-12 weeks, and will run multiple clubs throughout the year. All clubs consist of six meetings, an achievement program, and a project. For more information about 4-H program.

Clover Buds runs a little differently than the 4-H program, with 3 years of ‘units’ (or topics). Each year consists of 24 units and each meeting is therefore a different topic! The Clover Bud program was introduced to Huron County 4-H in 2015. For more information about Clover Buds program.

Check out our Facebook page for updates, including what clubs are up, deadlines, events.

Huron County 4-H Ontario

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President Curtis McNeil 519-525-2948          mcneil.curtis@gmail.com
1st Vice-President Melissa Veldman 519-440-8187          msparling87@gmail.com
2nd Vice-President Sarah Shapton 226-268-1292         dsshapton@tcc.on.ca
Past President and Association Representative: Darrell Bergsma 519-441-2103          bergie8ca@hotmail.com
Secretary and Resource Contact Shannon Ritchie 519-812-1807          huron4-Hsecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer: Holly Holyoake 519-395-3471          hurontreasurer4h@gmail.com
Volunteer Screening Contact: Mary Lynn MacDonald 519-262-3123         projects@hay.net
Newsletter Editor: Jeanette Schramm 519-441-0491         huroncounty4hnews@gmail.com
Webmaster: Jolande Oudshoorn 519-955-1579          jolande.oudshoorn@gmail.com
Directors: Betty Jane Higgins 519-887-6143          bj.higgins@gmail.com
Amy Vingerhoeds 519-229-8810          amy.vingerhoeds@gmail.com
Nick Vinnicombe 519-440-9633          nvinn97@outlook.com
Mary Lynn MacDonald 519-262-3123          projects@hay.net
Membership: Erica Murray 519-615-2684          hc4hmac@hotmail.com
Awards: Kim Higgins 519-357-5178          kh@tnt21.com
Christine MacIntyre 519-357-8646          pcmacintyre@hurontel.on.ca
Go For The Gold: Marita Oudshoorn 519-529-3656          oudshoorn@hurontel.on.ca
Judging Competition: Amy Vingerhoeds 519-229-8810          amy.vingerhoeds@gmail.com



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