Niagara 4-H Association

4-H is dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact on volunteers and communities in Ontario and in Niagara.

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Niagara 4-H Information Day

Saturday, March 9th from 1 pm-4 pm

at West Lincoln Community Centre,

177 West St, Smithville, ON

Registration for 2024 is open!

To Join us, please follow the REGISTER TODAY link above and join via 4-H Ontario’s website.


4-H is an organization of leaders building leaders.

There are 4-H clubs in every county of Ontario and  in every 4-H community, there are a variety of events beyond the club level in which members and/or volunteers can become involved.

4-H Ontario’s “Learn To Do By Doing” approach has provided 4-H youth with a place where they can be involved, accepted, valued, and heard while developing valuable leadership and life skills.

Learn about an available project near you

If you would like more information on Niagara clubs email Ann Marie chechalk@outlook.com.

4-H is open to youth in Ontario, whether they are from the city, a rural community, or a farm. Members must be 9 years of age by January 1st  and may continue membership until age 21. Members may join any/all clubs for one fee. 


The membership fee is $100.00 to 4-H Ontario plus another $10 to 4-H Niagara ($110 total). Money kept here in Niagara is for manuals, photocopying, postage, banquets, awards, annual meetings, judging days, insurance, camp sponsorship, club sponsorship, club start-up, etc…


The $10 fee can be sent by e-transfer to niagara4-h@hotmail.com or

by cheque to the club treasurer Vaughn Gibbons at PO Box 580 Ridgeway ON L0S1N0 


Life Skills Clubs

Cake Decorating ClubCooking club contact Lynn at lynngibson21@gmail.com or Jen Pilzecker at  jpilzecker@outlook.com – meetings are scheduled Thursdays May 2 to June 6  6:30 pm

Girls Only in High schoolat the request of a senior member, contact Ann Marie if you are interested or if you have any interesting ideas for this club, chechalk@outlook.com (we need 6 members to run this club) some ideas that have been suggested are-self-defense class, karaoke, the art of subtle makeup, volunteering at the Gleaners, see a play at the Lighthouse theatre, pot luck brunch with hats

Niagara Pickleball ClubLearn to play Pickleball. The club will be playing in the Smithville area. Contact Andrew Chechalk at 905-572-3459 or achechalk@outlook.com

Scrapbooking and Craft Club – Club is Full for 2024. The club is limited to 10 members due to available space. Club meetings are held on the second Friday of each month from 7:30 to 9:30p.m. Contact Ann Marie at chechalk@outlook.com to make sure there is a spot available before joining.


Livestock Clubs

Cavy Club Learn about caring for and showing guinea pigs. Contact Amber Gilbert at 905-321-8260 or ambergilbert80@gmail.com Amber will have guinea pigs to lend if you do not own your own.

Niagara Goat Club Learn about caring for and showing a goat. Contact Ann Marie at 905-973-3459 or chechalk@outlook.com

Niagara Rabbit ClubLearn about caring for and showing rabbits. Contact Jen Pilzecker at jpilzecker@outlook.com 

Wainfleet Canine Club – Try-It Club an assortment of dog sports and dog activities to try out, including Rally, Trick Dog, Barn Hunt, Agility and Grooming. Contact Rebecca Dayboll at rebeccadayboll@hotmail.com or 905-899-2244

Niagara Beef ClubLearn about raising and showing a beef calf. Contact Kristin Hoffman at kristin_hoffman@hotmail.com or Mike Chechalk mchechalk@gmail.com

Lincoln Dairy ClubLearn about caring for and showing a calf. Contact Brad Eggink Brad.eggink@stgen.com  or Amanda Comfort, comfort.amanda@gmail.com

Wainfleet Dairy Calf ClubLearn about caring for and showing a calf. Contact Brenda Roszell at feederlanefarms@hotmail.com or Charlene Yungblut at Charlene_yungblut@hotmail.com

Wainfleet Judging Club Contact Brenda Roszell at feederlanefarms@hotmail.com or Charlene_yungblut@hotmail.com

Niagara Horse Club Contact Zoë Gunn at 905-719-6289, zoe@dunkaroo.ca  or Heather Chechalk at hchechalk@gmail.com

Niagara Plowing club Contact Evan Scott, evanth.scott@hotmail.com  or Calvin Dunlop got2lovegoats@gmail.com

Mike Chechalk Director
Association Representative
Awards Coordinator
Membership Coordinator
Resource Contact
Jim McMillan Director, Vice President
Vaughn Gibbons Director, Treasurer, PAIF Coordinator
Ann Marie Chechalk Secretary
Joanne Battersby Director, Volunteer Coordinator
 Rhea Klotz Director, Volunteer Coordinator
Jen Pilzecker Director, WebMaster
Alison Both Director
Brenda Gilchrist WebMaster


Mike Chechalk