Niagara 4-H Association

4-H is dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact on volunteers and communities in Ontario and in Niagara.

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4-H is an organization of leaders building leaders. 

There are 4-H clubs in every county of Ontario and in every 4-H community, there are a variety of events beyond the club level in which members and/or volunteers can become involved.

4-H Ontario’s “Learn To Do By Doing” approach has provided 4-H youth with a place they can be involved, accepted, valued and heard while developing valuable leadership and life skills.

No Border jumper fee for 2021!

Niagara is running a few clubs virtually to start off the year,

so join us from wherever you live in Ontario.

You just need a 4-H Ontario membership!


Join Niagara 4-H Virtual or In Person? 

What will 4-H look like this year?

We do not know! Last year was quite an unusual year as leaders began their clubs and then because of lockdown and 4-H Ontario rules, they were only able to complete solely by virtual clubs.

  • The Lincoln and Wainfleet Dairy Clubs and the Wainfleet Judging Club completed virtually and ended the year with a project.
  • The Niagara Rabbit Club held a virtual show and had Judge Lori Mann view the videos.
  • The Scrapbooking and Craft Club leaders prepared projects every month for parents to pick up and complete at home.
  • The Crochet Club held virtual meetings and completed crocheted ties for masks and a Christmas craft.
  • The Cavy Club and Explore Club both held virtual meetings
  • the Six Under Sixteen did their cooking in their respective homes with the guidance of their leaders on ZOOM.

Will clubs be able to meet in person or be back to virtual meetings, this is an unforeseeable future?

For the very first time registration to join 4-H will be done through 4-H Ontario’s website.

If you would like more information on Niagara clubs email Ann Marie chechalk@outlook.com.

In Niagara, we are always looking to add new leaders. A 4-H club consists of 6 members and two screened leaders completing twelve hours of club work and an achievement day.  Usually, the twelve hours are divided into six meetings.  To find out what it takes to become a screened leader and offer your skills to 4-H members in Niagara call Ann Marie at 905-973-3459 or email at chechalk@outlook.com join us as a volunteer or a member!

4-H continues to focus on leadership skills and personal development through “hands-on learning”.  In Ontario, 4-H members have over 65 exciting projects to choose from each year.  There are 16 clubs hoping to run in Niagara in 2021. To learn more contact one of the 4-H Volunteers listed in club pages listed below

 4-H is open to youth in Ontario, whether they are from the city, a rural community or a farm. Members must be 9 years of age by January 1st  and may continue membership until age 21. Members may join any/all clubs for one fee. 

  • The membership fee is $100.00 for the Early bird fee by Feb 29, 2021.  $110.00 for regular fees after that date.
  • Ninety-Five dollars of the money collected is sent to 4-H Ontario to run the program. Money kept here in Niagara for manuals, photocopying, postage, banquets, and awards, annual meetings, judging days, insurance, camp sponsorship, club sponsorship, club start-up, etc…

Mike Chechalk Association Representative
Awards Coordinator
Membership Coordinator
Resource Contact
Jim McMillan Vice President
Vaughn Gibbons Treasurer
PAIF Coordinato
Ann Marie Chechalk Secretary 
Joanne Battersby Volunteer Coordinator
Yolanda Yungblut Volunteer Coordinator
Brenda Gilchrist Recording Secretary
Brenda Dunlop Director
Ray Campigotto Director


Mike Chechalk