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We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Norfolk. 

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Welcome to 4-H in Norfolk County!

4-H is an organization of leaders building leaders in every county of Ontario through a wide variety

of projects (clubs) that teach about life skills, home skills and agriculture.

4-H Ontario’s “Learn To Do By Doing” approach has provided 4-H youth with a place where they can be involved,

accepted, valued and heard while developing valuable leadership and life skills.

It all starts with CloverBuds ages 6 to 8  who move up to be 4-H Members ages 9 to 21.


How to join Norfolk 4-H in 2022

To become a 4-H Member or CloverBud, you must first register online with 4-H Ontario before joining

Norfolk 4-H clubs.  Details of how to register with 4-H Ontario and to sign up for Norfolk 4-H clubs can be

found below under the “Events” tab.

Information about this year’s clubs, and the club’s contact information, can be found below under

the “Upcoming Clubs” tab.


Norfolk 4-H Learn to Do by Doing

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