County Judging Competition 2022

The South Simcoe County Judging Competition was held on Friday, June 10th at Harvdale Holsteins.

4-H members at the County Judging Competition

Congratulations to:

Elise Patton, Amanda Miller, SCarlett McCallum-Pinho, Sierra Steuernol and Riley Broad for being the high member in each of the age categories.

Placement and reason classes:

Dairy milking cows, beef replacement heifers, horse saddles and lunches for a hike.

Placement only classes:

Lawnmowers, grain corn, flowers and sheep.

If you are looking for the scorecards please visit County Coaching Night Page. Most have been submitted.


Harvdale Holsteins
12518 County Road 10
Jun 10 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Age Range:6-8 years of age are cloverbuds 9 -21 years of age are 4-H members