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Within the Temiskaming 4-H Association, you can normally find several different 4-H clubs running annually, such as Beef, Dairy, Sheep, and Lifestyles clubs.  These clubs are located between Temiskaming Shores (New Liskeard), Belle Vallee, and Thornloe.  The agricultural clubs usually start up late May-early June and conclude around the local fall fairs held in September.  The lifestyles club is a district club usually started late February through to April or May.

Covid restrictions may have modified start up times or restricted running on these particular clubs, so please contact the 4-H club leader or the Temiskaming 4-H Association (4htemiskaming@gmail.com) for more information.

Volunteers are the leaders who bring to life the 4-H clubs and projects for 4-H members – if you are interested in providing this type of experience so more local children can experience the 4-H spirit in Temiskaming. Please follow the link to see more information about becoming a volunteer.

Temiskaming 4-H Association Executive for 2022
President:  Rob Walther
Vice President:  Emily Seed
Secretary/Treasurer:  Susan Poirier
Membership Coordinator:  Susan Poirier
Association Representative:  Elaine Bowman
Livestock Coordinator:  Emily Seed
Screening Contact:  Susan Poirier
Webmaster:  Susan Poirier
Past President:  Wanda Cook


All Manner of Red Meat 4-H District Project

Welcome to Temiskaming 4-H District project All Manner of Red Meat!! This is the project to learn all about red meat, but focus will be on Beef, Pork, and Lamb. Come on out and join in the first 4-H project of 2022!!


Susan Poirier


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