Waterloo 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Waterloo.

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Waterloo Veterinary 4-H Club
Tues., Apr 11
 John Drummond  / john.drummond@hotmail.ca
Jason Brownridge, / jasonbrownridge@hotmail.com
Cindy Habel, Liam McNabb, Carson Wagner|
Tentative dates: Apr. 11/25, May 9/23, June 13,27

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Waterloo Dairy 4-H Club
John Drummond  / john.drummond@hotmail.ca

Ken and Marie McNabb / waterloo4h.callumlea@gmail.com
Graham Johnson, Val Jones, Greg Keupfer, Jackie Maciukeiwicz,
Colin McNabb, Emily Strenzke
Tentative dates: April 18, May 2/16/30, June  20, July 25
Waterloo Sheep 4-H Club
Susan Martin, florahills2416@gmail.com
Sharon Grose, sharon@huskyfarm.ca
Starting June 2023
LineDance 4-H Club
Michaella Snyder, michaellasnyder@gmail.com
Sewing 4-H Club
Kelly Williams, kizbrw@gmail.com
Robbyn Sorli, robbyn.sorli@gmail.com
Waterloo South Sheep 4-H Club
Bronwyn Snyder, bronwynsnyder20@gmail.com
Michaella Snyder, michaellasnyder@gmail.com
Waterloo Beef 4-H Club
 Katherine Bird, birdkath060@gmail.com
Kelly Williams, kizbrw@gmail.com
Starting soon!
Go for the Gold 4-H Club
Sonya Sommerville, sonya.sommerville@gmail.com
Computer 4-H Club
Todd Radigan, todd.radigan@gmail.com
Cloverbud Club
(for 6-8 year olds)
 Stephanie Szusz, stephanie.szusz@gmail.com
Graham Johnson, gorlane@yahoo.ca
Starting soon!

These are all in person club. You can sign up for these clubs on the 4-H App… 4-H (4happ.ca)

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For more information, please contact:

Cathy Nederend, Waterloo4-h@hotmail.com

Waterloo 4-H is an organization of leaders building leaders. There are 4-H clubs in every county of Ontario and in every 4-H community, there are a variety of events beyond the club level in which members and/or volunteers can become involved.

4-H Ontario’s “Learn To Do By Doing” approach has provided 4-H youth with a place they can be involved, accepted, valued and heard while developing valuable leadership and life skills.

Check back for more information soon.


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NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Health has a 24-hour helpline: 800-950-6264.
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