South Simcoe 4-H Back to the Future (Heritage Club)

What is old is new again! We’re going “Back to the Future” with the Heritage Club to break away from fast fashion, processed foods, and built-in obsolescence.

We’re going to see how we can repurpose things to save money, help the environment, learn to be more independent, and build our confidence by revisiting how our ancestors worked, lived, and made things go farther!

Our Heritage Project

Are you curious about your family background? It’s time to gather old pictures, letters and diaries to learn the history of who you are and where you came from!

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South Simcoe 4-H Association

Our 2024 season has begun! We are looking forward to a great year of fun and learning! Check out our page below for more information on our association.

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Region 4
Everett, Beeton, Alliston area
Youth Participant 9-21
Jennifer Bell Jennifer.bell@gmail.com and Tamara Fisher-Cullen tfishercullen@gmail.com
Spots Available