Chatham Kent 4-H Sheep Club

The goals of the sheep club are to learn about sheep production in Ontario, learn how to train and show a lamb and most importantly have some fun while learning.

We will have several meetings in the late winter and early spring and then take a bit of break as the spring farming activity ramps up and then get back to it with meetings through the summer finishing up with our Achievement Day at the Highgate Fair at the end of September.

Member do not have to own their own sheep but it is great if they do! Peter or I will arrange to “loan a lamb” for the member’s project. The lamb stays at our farm. This will mean coming to the lamb to practice with it throughout the summer leading up to the show season.

Meeting Outline

Feb. 27 (tent. At Ridgetown) – Introduction to the club

Mar. 20 – Choosing a 4-H lamb. Farm visit

April (Saturday) – farm tour

June (end of month) – Feeding and training the lamb

July (tent.) – show at Dresden Fair (usually last weekend of July)

August – Melbourne practice show (usually first Sunday after Civic weekend)

September – show practice

Achievement Day – Highgate Fair September 30

Note: project lambs can be borrowed from the leaders however training a lamb takes time and regular commitment during the summer, particularly in the weeks leading up to show dates.


Club Requirements:

  • Attend meetings or complete a make-up activity as assigned by leaders
  • Train and show 4-H project lamb at Achievement Day or other show event (as approved by leaders)
  • Submit a description of their work training/caring for the 4-H project lamb (format can be written or visual i.e. video, powerpoint etc) within a week after Achievement Day.

Sheep Project

If you have an interest in the lamb or sheep industry, ewe will love the Sheep Project! We’ll cover everything to do with raising and showing healthy sheep.

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Chatham-Kent 4-H Association

4-H is dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact on volunteers and communities in Ontario and in Chatham-Kent.

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The location/day of the week/time will vary with the meeting. First 2 meetings will be in the Ridgetown area.
Youth Participant 9-21
Anne Verhallen and Peter Cameron
Spots Available