Elgin County 4-H Dairy Calf Club

Members will learn:

  • The ins and outs of dairy farming
  • How to house, care for and clip their 4-H Calf
  • How to lead and show a Calf
  • How to judge a cow and give reasons
  • To work as a team
  • Any new topics the 4-H members are interested in that relates to the Dairy industry

If a 4-H member does not have access to a calf, a leader will make arrangements to ensure the member finds a calf.

Achievement day will be held at the Aylmer Fair Grounds in August.


Dairy Project

Dairy: it’s more than milk! This project will teach you the ins and outs of a successful dairy operation, covering the basics like animal care, plus the latest dairy farming tools and practices.

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Elgin 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Elgin. 

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Elgin County Area Farms
Youth Participant 9-21
Henry Helder, Jason Vis, Jenna de Corte, Brent Howe, and Don Catt
Spots Available