Paisley 4-H Sewing Club

This Sewing Beginner 4-H Project is your opportunity to learn sewing basics in a fun and welcoming environment.  You’ll learn how to use a sewing machine and complete a sewing project.  Sewing machines will be supplied and shared by 4-H members along with required supplies, however if time allows members can purchase their own fabrics and bring to meetings.  If you are NOT currently a 4-H member, you are welcome to attend our first meeting on March 26 and still join 4-H by April 1 to receive the Bruce County membership discount. 4-H requires a minimum of 6 members to run a club.  The Sewing project this year could be a Placemat, Table runner or maybe a throw pillow.  The Leaders are thinking 4 afternoon meetings with tentative dates being April 13, 27, June 1 & 15th, (subject to change based on project completion).  The final meeting will be an evening completing the 4-H display and handing in your record book for your club achievement, which will be displayed at the Paisley Fair.  If there is a suitable class, 4-H members will be encouraged to submit their completed sewing project as an exhibit at a fair.  Location of the meetings is hoped to be in Pinkerton, ON.  If you are interested in joining this sewing club, please email rontee@bmts.com,  so you are included in email notifications, confirming dates and locations.  Leaders email addresses Sandy @ rontee@bmts.com or Michelle @ moemicfarms@gmail.com

Bruce 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Bruce. 

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Region 5
Pinkerton, ON
Youth Participant 9-21
Michelle Phillippi and Sandy Teeple
Spots Available