South Simcoe Cloverbud

Cloverbuds is a program for youth ages 6-8 to introduce them to all of the fun that 4-H Ontario has to offer. It uses the same hands-on learning style of traditional 4-H but adapts it in a way that is fun and engaging for younger kids.

The best part of Cloverbuds is making friends and learning new skills together. Beginning in Spring, Cloverbuds usually meet once a month and participate in a wide range of activities to build confidence, skills and knowledge.

In Cloverbuds you will:

1. Experience fun, hands on learning that is age appropriate and geared towards young minds
2. Learn about a variety of topics including agriculture, science & technology, crafting, agriculture, foods and more!
3. Be introduced to the structure and style of the 4-H program in Ontario

In order to successfully complete club, members must attend 4/6 meetings.

Cloverbud Program

The Cloverbud Program is an amazing opportunity for youth ages 6-8 to learn about all facets of 4-H Projects!

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South Simcoe 4-H Association

Registration for 2024 is open! Once you have registered with 4-H, you will receive an email from our association that will allow you to pick your clubs. If you register before the 11th, you should receive that email sometime between February 12 and 13th. Note: some clubs have a cap on participants. We are looking forward to a great year of fun and learning!

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Start Date
April 1, 2024
End Date
September 30, 2024
Meeting Time
6:00 pm
Meeting Frequency


South Simcoe area
Cloverbuds 6-8
Trish Downey (Key Contact) email: swdowney@hotmail.com cell: 705-720-0463, Kathleen Aylard-Arseneau email: arseneau.spruit@gmail.com cell: 519-387-0984, Stephanie French email: stephfrench@live.com cell: 705-606-2174
Spots Available