South Simcoe 4-H Judging Club

Members will learn how to read a judging score card and judge classes of four exhibits. We will judge livestock, crops, vegetables, baked goods and a variety of other articles. Members will learn the correct format to give a proper set of reasons and will be encouraged to give their set of reasons for each class. Achievement Day will be at the County Judging Competition held in June.

Judging Project

Both beginners and intermediates are welcome in this project that will have you confidently judging homecrafts, crops, livestock and more in no time.

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South Simcoe 4-H Association

Our 2024 season has begun! We are looking forward to a great year of fun and learning! Check out our page below for more information on our association.

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Region 4
Meetings will be held in Simcoe County near Alliston, Everett, Thornton and Lyle.
Youth Participant 9-21
Trish Downey swdowney@hotmail.com and Scott Cullen cullenfamily97@gmail.com
Spots Available