South Simcoe Sheep Club

The South Simcoe Sheep Club focuses on learning and improving animal care, knowledge and showmanship during the season. Meetings may be held at sheep farms, fairgrounds, sales barns, and other public places.
Each member should have access to a lamb to work with over the season. If you do not have access to a lamb, please notify the leaders by email before the start of the season.
The Achievement Day for this Club is held at the GNE Fair in September, where members will show their lambs in the Conformation and Showmanship Classes.
Additional fees include any costs to enter fairs and sheep shows, as well as materials used to care for your lamb.

Sheep Project

If you have an interest in the lamb or sheep industry, ewe will love the Sheep Project! We’ll cover everything to do with raising and showing healthy sheep.

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South Simcoe 4-H Association

Registration for 2024 is open! Once you have registered with 4-H, you will receive an email from our association that will allow you to pick your clubs. If you register before the 11th, you should receive that email sometime between February 12 and 13th. Note: some clubs have a cap on participants. We are looking forward to a great year of fun and learning!

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Start Date
April 1, 2024
End Date
September 30, 2024
Meeting Time
Meeting Frequency


South Simcoe - Stayner, Everett, Innisfil, Essa Fairgrounds, Collingwood
Youth Participant 9-21
Rachel Brooks, Grant Cowan, Scott Cullen, Jackie McCallum, Jeremy McNabb
Spots Available