South Simcoe Sporting Chance Games Club

Members learn how to play games and have a great time socializing with each other at the meetings. Last year members in this club enjoyed playing picnic games, bowling, mini stick hockey, board games and many more games. Membership will determine which games we will focus on this year.

A Sporting Chance: Focus on Fun

Work on teamwork, make new friends and have a great time. Let’s keep the focus on fun as we play classic games and even invent new ones!

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South Simcoe 4-H Association

Click registration tab below to register for 4-H South Simcoe 2023. Cost is $95.00. One membership fee allows you to join multiple clubs. Children 6-8 years of age as of December 31,2022 are Cloverbuds and 9-21 years of age as of December 31,2022 are 4-H members. Clubs for 2023 season in South Simcoe have been submitted to the 4-H Ontario club Library.

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County of Simcoe. Leaders live near Cookstown and Everett.
Youth Participant 9-21
Mae Senick mcsenickfarms@gmail.com and Scott Cullen cullenfamily97@gmail.com
Spots Available