Stormont 4-H Beef Club

Members will be learning how to care for and show beef animals, while learning about beef animal husbandry, etc.
Members are to supply their own show clothing (white shirt with no logo, black pants, belt and steel-toe boots). Large items such as blowers, clippers, etc are available to use.
There is no member limit.  Project animals are to be supplied by the member, unless there is already an agreement in place with the leaders.

Beef Project

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Stormont 4-H Association

A dedicated group of volunteers working cooperatively to deliver a multitude of projects/clubs for a wide variety of youth in Stormont County and also to friends of Stormont County.

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Start Date
May 9, 2024
End Date
August 25, 2024
Meeting Time
7:00 P.M.


Various locations, mainly in Ingleside.
Youth Participant 9-21
Brittany Dew, Larry & Rhonda Barkley, Kim Barkley, Lori Barkley, Leith Symon, David Ennis & Kris Stewart
Spots Available